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Thread: Enter the den of a Serb.

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    Whass up!?

    Sly: Pico who? Also glad you like him

    Cloudy: well i do admit that that wasn't what i was going for but now that you guys mentioned it does look like he is humping air. I planed for him his arms....really quick..... But hey maybe some flashy effects clear that thing up

    Max: xD I can't remember when was the last time i heard that song!!! Thanks mang! As for them boobs, the problem is that i planed for that bra to be a rag. So when it comes over a boob it falls straight down.

    So did Cloudy's OC for the Pimpin thread, and i gotta admit im pretty proud of the coloring!
    SPOILER! :

    Although i think i made the shading a tad bit too soft, andthe bra isn't folowing the boob's.
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