Daw guys!!! From now on im gonna plead even more for crtiques derp!!! i kid i kid.

Nisaren: Noted! Did just that with the next piece About the soft brushes......well i don't actually use a lot of 'em, i just blur it a lot......i tried cell shading a few times.......ddn't work out so well but im gonna try it again sometime....

Maxx: Well don't think the two would be seen cuz of the shadows and the fabric but ok As for Leto id say that her shoulders are a bit undefined so it gives off the impression, will work on that. As for tit's, they seem blank cuz i didn't get to the shading part i try to do less and less stuff with black lines and more stuff with shadows. Thanks man every little bit helps!
you do spolers by entereing this (ignore the dot's they are there so that t doesn't turn into a spoiler) [.Spoiler] insert whateve you want here [/Spoiler]
OvO' a tutorial on how i do art.........well.....urmm.....no......... i didn't think anyone would be interested........ thanks

Jai: OWO Thanks mang!!! Im happy with the fact that i can shade properly!!! As for me being good from the start.......nah! Had a lot of bad colors, anatomy hiccups(still have proportion hiccups!) and i relied on detail to make my pic good.....now im bigger and better! Which i hope to prove n the SaiMoe contest

Ckyume: OAO LIES!!! NEVER ENOUGH CRITIQUES!!! Agreed that the (our left) her right foot is shizzed up. I think it should be more flat on the bottom and that the lightng isn't correct! And for the hair, same as the blonde guy, i honestly don't know what made me think that it was a good idea to do the hair in a dffrient style then the rest of the pic.....But gotta admit i loved(n both pc's) how the hair came out. But yeah it should have had defining lines as Bacon and thee said. Thanks Cykume, keep em commng

Bacon: As stated upstairs, agree that the hair should have had some black lines........_. so why didn't i do it......no idea....
Glad you like him

And n the rest of the news:
Finally got myself to do it!!! Seen people do that dA high-school thing so i really wanted to do it myself!!! Kinda screwed up.......the whole point was to be in dA hghscool that has its own uniforms
........ ._. .......... what can i say i (completely forgot) am at a rebellious age. Oh and look it actually resembles me
So people shall i pleed for crtques or are you gonna lay em on me on your own