So yeah i tried practicing painting.....................and as i was finishing the no color practice bus i realised one thing

I DIDN'T PAINT IT!!!!! I even forgot to erase the line of the sketchy stuff(line-art actually........ that's not supposed to be used in paintings right -w-) and yeah kinda bummed out i cant make shapes out of shades and highlight's with out line-art. Anyone know a good "for dummies" kinda tut for painting digitally, also if any of or esteemed colorists and painters would add a tip, link to a tut i would be really gratefull. It seems my time to look at a tutorial came. T.T

@ckyume thanks ^-^ yeah the puberty teen in me kinda lashed out on that pic. As for the tablet settings im not sure. first it stooped, then it started doing it again. Fiddled around the settings stooped again(but i need to press harder, compromise) so hopefully it will stay as it is. Thanks for the concern.