Crazy details dude. But that's what you get for focusing on details too much. I've read somewhere someone wrote when it's good to look into details, don't go too nuts over it cuz when you zoom out and look at the overall pic it would/might look out of place or not noticeable at all. I like going into details a lot so yeah, it drives me gaga whenever the end result isn't what I like. D:

I liked what Iccy told me to do. First do some thumbnails (poses, costume, bg, stuff) and see if it works. Then blow it up, clean clean, fill it wil some details, blow it up some more, clean clean some more and fill it up with more details. This is the same for colouring as well.

Like Nisaren said, try to avoid the dodge, smudge, blur, burn, soft brush unless you really need them for some minor stuff but I found best to use is solid brushes, colour with different hue, saturation and opacity. But I'm still learning as well and I found tutorials and youtube to be a real big help.

Phew, hope that load of stuff I said helps. Cheers!