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Thread: Somebody's obsessed with Pokemon... and moe girls??

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    As disturbing as this sounds, it's already been done. And no, I have not played that.

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    My friends and I sat in the back of the computer lab and went through all those, naming nearly every one, except the 4th gens that we didn't recognize. I stopped playing Pokemon 6 years ago, and somehow remembered more than half of them.

    EDIT: I've played Moemon Leafgreen and Emerald. It's nothing but a graphics conversion, although I sorta wanted to see some explanation as to why your character, be it male or female, was carrying several little girls around in tiny balls, making them slaughter each other on a whim and sending them through cyberspace (PC) when they became outleveled. But I guess there's not much you CAN explain. The only reason I tried it out was because moe was (supposed to be) non-sexual. Moemon kept it that way, somehow.
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