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Thread: Golden Summer (Ch.1 p.3 // 3-17-11)

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    @LVUER - Mugi! I didn't form Sierra off her (she was a completely original model from when I was 15), but they do have their similarities. One, you'll see in about two or three pages.

    @Frostfyr - Lucky Star was one of many influences. The others were K-On, Manabi Straight, Azumanga Daioh, Shuffle!, and Higurashi. (You'll see the Higurashi bit come in gradually, but it'll never be in the horror genre.)

    @Seefy - That bit in parentheses above was heavily influenced by that little study you did for me awhile back. I'll see if I can get it out before you remember what that was. Page 3 introduces the storyline, finally. It's in draft form right now, slowly being inked and detailed (because it's testing week--ACT, MME, PLAN, etc. I totally guessed on every problem for the science and math portions. Let's see what kinda college I can get into with that).

    EDIT: In reply to Frostfyr's comment, actually, yes, Golden Summer will actually have a bit of horror. My script changed.
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