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    Heya, this is my first post here - I just registered. I have been following this site for quite sometime, although not actively until recently. I always wanted to be able to do some nice fantasy drawing (particularly medieval themed), so I did some practice lately and came up with some sketches. The first one is a suit of armor I made three days ago, and the second one is a Mage concept. Both are in greyscale (as I don't know how to color them without potentially ruining them, so I'm aiming to learn computer coloring - preferably with Mac software). I also added a photo (I couldn't scan it, since it's A1 and my scanner goes up to A3) of some old artwork kind of thing I made.

    Suit of armor:


    Misc. drawing:

    As you probably expect, I am looking for some feedback for the two sketches, what did I do right, what do I need to improve?

    Two more pictures added, a quick attempt at a TF2 Pyro (not really a serious attempt at drawing him) and a cute little cat.
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