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Thread: Hey, there.

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    Hey, there.

    My names Juurian and I was refered here by another member.
    My artwork could use a little growth, so here I am.

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    Ruler of the Seventh Empire GunZet's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Preparing the laser beam, we're gonna use it tonight.
    Heyyy wassup man, glad to see ya actually dropped by. You'll have a p. chill time here if you stick around lol. And remember to make a crit thread, the peeps here definitely help out if you're willing to put some effort in.
    (Btw it's Eva, I only go by Eva on GM sites heh, everywhere else I'm Gunzet)

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    One Thousand Member butternut's Avatar
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    Hi Juurian! welcome to's pretty cool here, and as Gunzet said, do post your art here! =)

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    Hey, dude.
    Yerp, I made a critique thread.
    I'm whoring out on tutorials right now, the librarians gonna hate me for printing stuff out this early in the morning.

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    Outside your house.
    Welcome to MT. Hope you have a fun time here and what not, and I really hope to see your artwork...not much more to say, so...yeah...awkward .
    I'm here. Your life just got 0.000000000001% better.

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    Hey there! Nice to have ya. I'll stop over at your art thread and check out your stuff later today. C:

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    Welcome to MT Juurian, there lot of good tutorial here.


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