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Thread: MT's ART WARS! An all new artistic game event! The 2nd Challenge!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by indescribable View Post
    EDIT: So is anyone doing this, or what?
    Yes our team

    Quote Originally Posted by doghateburger View Post
    Yeah, last one is fine, I understand most people live in different places, so I really don;t mind as long as you get it to me before the the 2nd of april (MY TIME) D:!

    EDIT: anyways since its almost april first, I'll be posting the new challenge for you guys to start thinking. Please pm me your work before starting the next challege ok C:

    [The Second Challenge!!!]

    Challenge type:Pairs
    Topic: Ball Dance
    Theme: Mysterious

    Description: Each Team must pick TWO, and ONLY TWO members for this particular challenge. The Pair must collaborate and establish a picture base on the new Topic and theme.
    Team must name which two members will be participating before beginning the picture.

    Hints and Tips: Other members may provide verbal suggestions, red line, critiques, or any other thing as long as they don't lay a single finger on the picture.

    Quote Originally Posted by NWAP View Post
    Hey guys, I have just a few things to keep in mind when participating in this contest and all contest for that matter.

    1.)CAN YOU FOLLOW THROUGH? These contest are meant to be fun. but with that being said, please (PLEASE!) keep in mind, drawing and collaboration take TIME. You may have a great desire to participate in the contest, but EXAMINE YOUR SCHEDULE first. WILL YOU HAVE TIME TO DO THIS? We all hope you do! We want to see your art! But it would probably be better NOT to join, then let your team down,the contest holder, or Manga tutorials for that matter . And that brings me to...

    2.) CREDIBILITY. A lot of the popular, and well known artists on MT, a'rent popular just for their art skills, a lot is due to their Credibility. Because we love to draw, we sometimes agree to things(contests/requests), and then realize we cant fulfill our agreement. ITS OK! this happens to everyone. Things come up that we cant control. But, how OFTEN do we actually succeed in finishing what we said we would do? Are you building a bad reputation for yourself? Its something to think about ono

    I'm not trying to make this all serious, its not like any of us are getting paid O.o . I realized that I'm very guilty of "not following through" sometimes. I just want people to remember that the success of a contest depends on you. o-o *smokey the bear point*
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    Ok, so, it seems like there are still 2 dedicated teams left, so here are some new rules for the teams.

    Teams will now be able to take in new additional members. however! each team will require the following;
    -1 Team Leader, or Representative who will be responsible for sending me the finish work
    -3 Permanent members, these guys are not a lot to jump ships, meaning they must dedicate them self in every challenge.
    and lastly
    -any number of "Freelance Members", these guys may jump ships, and teams may recruit as many as they want.

    Rules for being a Freelance Members-
    Freelance members, can join any team before a challenge commence, and leave only after the challenge is finish. Freelance member CANNOT join both teams simultaneousness, during a challenge. They must finish that challenge for the team, before they can jump ships.

    Team leaders are also responsible for posting Freelance members after a challenge is up, this is to prevent any freelance member from participating on both ends. If a freelance member is found to be participating on both ends, he will be panelized to sit out for a few challenge.

    As for this months challenge, teams may proceed with their permanent members.

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    Does a leader count as a permanent member? since you were a team if you had 3 people right?

    Cuz otherwise i have only 2 permanent members :/ then im not a team?

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    Actually, yeah sure C:

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    well since my team only has 3 members now(including me),I would think that I'm a permanent member.There's a problem though... my team is too busy. I don't feel I should have to sit out just cuz the rest of my team is busy, I WANT TO DO THIS :C . So I see two options here, either I pick up one more person for our team ( but i'm not allowed to because i'm not the team rep/leader i think), or I consider myself a "freelance" member and wait to be drafted to another team. what should I do?

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    Well, you dont really need to be a team leader to recruit anyone, you can just drop a note to tay, and find some one ;D

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    I WILL join this when i get my computer back from the shop. I MUST.

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    Iccy check yur messages D<

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    Just checking in to see if there are any teams that have made some progress this month...?

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    Uhm i pm'd iccy that our team is /maybe/ going to be out, since i haven't gotten Dr. Pumpkin to contact and ive sent that but i havent gotten any reply, how about yur team?


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