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Thread: MT's ART WARS! An all new artistic game event! The 2nd Challenge!!

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    Well just giving a heads up, Wonderwolf// Axion is off the team for this month...

    it seems he's kinda busy this month but maybe next contest he can join

    + Yara shes busy with studies and will prob join in juli or something >.o
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    A quick reminder, you guys have 9 more days C:

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    More remainder due date is in 5 days C:

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    Guys! GUYS! I just realize, all of the Team leaders but Tay have their account set to private, I can't PM the reminder to you guys!!! D:!!!!!

    Anyways, Just a reminder your team need to send in you pics on March 31st!!

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    You should be able to PM each other now. I've set the privacy setting down to 13 and under. (This means that you can't PM someone 13 and under unless you guys are Friends)

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    So does it count if i send my teams pic at

    23.59: 31 March?

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    Thanks Rio! 8D

    To Byakuran, Sure thing C:

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    WAIT what timezone?

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    Please be the last one. > . <

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    Yeah, last one is fine, I understand most people live in different places, so I really don;t mind as long as you get it to me before the the 2nd of april (MY TIME) D:!

    EDIT: anyways since its almost april first, I'll be posting the new challenge for you guys to start thinking. Please pm me your work before starting the next challege ok C:

    [The Second Challenge!!!]

    Challenge type:Pairs
    Topic: Ball Dance
    Theme: Mysterious

    Description: Each Team must pick TWO, and ONLY TWO members for this particular challenge. The Pair must collaborate and establish a picture base on the new Topic and theme.
    Team must name which two members will be participating before beginning the picture.

    Hints and Tips: Other members may provide verbal suggestions, red line, critiques, or any other thing as long as they don't lay a single finger on the picture.

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