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Thread: MT's ART WARS! An all new artistic game event! The 2nd Challenge!!

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    MT's ART WARS! An all new artistic game event! The 2nd Challenge!!

    *Scroll down for Challenge listings*

    What is this MADNESS!!???
    Art wars is a battle of Art, in which Artists form their own Art Team to go head to head with other Art teams in a fight for several cause.

    The objective?
    Art Wars is made to encourage people to both receive and give critiques in a peer to peer manner. Helping each other out, and sharing knowledge is the key in this event.

    How does it work?

    -The Art Groups
    Artist may choose their own Art Group. Within the group, there must be a representative. The Representative doesn't have to be the best artist, but rather the men with the most responsibility.

    Once you have that, you'll need a name for your Group, it can be anything that is NOT copyrighted.

    Each person can only join one group!

    Teams will now be able to take in new additional members. however! each team will require the following;
    -1 Team Leader, or Representative who will be responsible for sending me the finish work
    -3 Permanent members, these guys are not a lot to jump ships, meaning they must dedicate them self in every challenge.
    and lastly
    -any number of "Freelance Members", these guys may jump ships, and teams may recruit as many as they want.

    Rules for being a Freelance Members-
    Freelance members, can join any team before a challenge commence, and leave only after the challenge is finish. Freelance member CANNOT join both teams simultaneousness, during a challenge. They must finish that challenge for the team, before they can jump ships.

    Team leaders are also responsible for posting Freelance members after a challenge is up, this is to prevent any freelance member from participating on both ends. If a freelance member is found to be participating on both ends, he will be panelized to sit out for a few challenge.

    NOTE: Please do not rush to invite the best artist on the site. This is a simple event made to have fun, so try not to worry to much about the art skills.

    -The Battle
    Each month there will be a new challenge, a topic, and a theme, that will in one way or another, involved the entire team. ie; Collab Challenge with the topic as chefs! and the theme will be superheroes!, or...something like that.

    Do not, some challenge requires the entire team, others require 1 or 2 members.

    Depending on what the challenge is, Teams will be provided with a limited time period to get things done.

    It is encourage that artists get help/critiques/ideas/etc from their team mates, and nowhere else.

    -Individual challenges-
    Ok, heres how individual challenges work, if an artist had just finish an individual challenge, he or she can NOT take up another individual challenge unless everyone in his or her team has taken one up. That way we won't have one artist spammage.

    How will we be Judge?! D:
    At the end of the month, Teams will pick out the best art piece that they believe they have achieve, and send it to moi :D. Which will than be put up for public voting. Whichever team gets the highest vote, wins the event, and score one point C:.

    Wait, theres a point system now?!!? D:>
    Yep, At the end of the year, which ever team that have the highest point, will win the Art War C:. As for what do you get, you'll know that somewhere down the road >_>. (ill talk to rio about this D:)

    Plz post any questions you have here C:

    Team TeacupNinjaTots
    - Taylour (rep)
    - Erika
    - Nwap
    - Mizu

    Team Tofu
    - Byakuran (rep)
    - Yara
    - Wonderwolf
    - Gedeon
    - Pumpkin

    Challenge List!

    [The First Challenge!!!]

    Challenge type:Team Effort
    Topic: Meetings
    Theme: "In the Closet" (however you look at it ;D)

    Description: Each Team must create an illustration with the topic of "Meetings and the theme of "In the Closet". Every member must contribute to the piece. Have a discussion with your team mates and see how take up what roles.

    Hints and Tips: Try to divide jobs amount teammates equally. Discuss about what kind of setting you want, what kind of atmosphere, then utilize your special skills at art to put the piece together.

    [The Second Challenge!!!]

    Challenge type:Pairs
    Topic: Ball Dance
    Theme: Mysterious

    Description: Each Team must pick TWO, and ONLY TWO members for this particular challenge. The Pair must collaborate and establish a picture base on the new Topic and theme.
    Team must name which two members will be participating before beginning the picture.

    Hints and Tips: Other members may provide verbal suggestions, red line, critiques, or any other thing as long as they don't lay a single finger on the picture.

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    Ying Yang Member J_Mizu's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Im in.

    Kinda erk'd about the every month thing though cause Uni is starting up.
    But nonetheless this sounds purty interesting~

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    Yeah thats the main reason why i made it every month rather then every week! xDDD

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    One Thousand Member Matt's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    I'm in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt View Post
    I'm in.
    awesome sauce mate C:. try asking around the others to see if they are willing to form a team with you c:

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    I would join a team with you if we can get some other people as well
    Quote Originally Posted by Matt View Post
    I'm in.

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    Palindrome Member ClockHand's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    "Team Createceous" (A geologyc age full of creations):
    ClockHand [The Minion]
    Joao [HardToExplain]
    Tzvety [Toasty] (representant)

    We are open for other people who needs teams (but we are kinda duchbags cool guys).
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    Ying Yang Member J_Mizu's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Im in the whichever team that wants to take me.
    Dont want to be rep though lulz

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    101 Dalmations Member angel_dreamer13's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    I'm in, if there's anyone that wants me on their team

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    Junior Member SassyTurtles's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    NE Kansas
    Quote Originally Posted by angel_dreamer13 View Post
    I'm in, if there's anyone that wants me on their team
    I would LOVE to be on your team~


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