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Thread: *Pumpkin Boy* Page 39 NEW with more Shiny action!

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    well considering u have been working on the first 40 pages for the past, what, 5 years? 6? u should probably reboot it so it will be fresher and more current with ur skills and tastes proper

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    Yea man, just reboot it, give it a fresh breath of air. Nobody will forget the old pages cause they're awesome.
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    Yeah, you guys are right, the first pages really are getting old, and rebooting would give fresh air to the series. I'll probably only remake ACT 1 and maybe make an epilogue or whatever its called. I need to specify a few things about the link between Pumpkin Boy, Dink and Shiny. :0 Dink seems to just appears out of nowhere while she used to have her home there with Ultimomma, Pumpkin Boy, Shiny, and a few other gifted Orphans, that would make much more sense :0 And fixing the cover again, it looks a tad bit crappy now. XD Well, thank you Sylux and Gunzet, if you guys have suggestions to fix im open to ideas!

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