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Thread: Not Looking for Voice Actors

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    Okay the script is in this spoiler tag (super long)

    SPOILER! :
    MacArthur: MAN! This dimension blows!

    Dinosaur: Hey whats so bad about it? I mean... come on!

    MacArthur: First of all, its full of things that look like you! Frickin' nasty!

    MacArthur: Secondly, theres nobody to kill!

    Dinosaur: Thats because you pretty much already killed everyone else...

    MacArthur: And lastly.... there are no hot mommas...

    Dinosaur: Hey I'm a woma-


    Dinosaur: Hmph! Well you can complain all you want, but you're stuck here!

    MacArthur: Maybe for now... until I meet someone else who travels through dimensions...

    MacArthur: Then I will cut that person down with my sword.

    Dinosaur: WHA-?! Why??

    MacArthur: Because when they die, a portal to their original dimension will open in order
    to take back their corpse. I've been using those portals to travel.

    Dinosaur: Where are you trying to get to?

    MacArthur: *super dramatic* Heaven.

    Dinosaur: Oh Okay

    MacArthur: Don't you want to know what I mean by "Heaven"?

    Dinosaur: No thanks, it sounds pretty dumb.

    *Dinosaur rams into a tree*

    Dinosaur: OWW!! You wouldn't know how to treat dinosaur concussions would you?!

    MacArthur: Uhh.... No...?

    *Dinosaur collapses and MacArthur is flung off*

    MacArthur: AHHHHHH!!!

    *MacArthur lands*

    MacArthur: Oh it wasn't so bad.

    MacArthur: Is that thing dead? Oh well.

    MacArthur: But now I don't even have a ride. Or a guide.

    *A poral opens*

    MacArthur: What the fuh- A dimensional portal!

    MacArthur: This is great! I can kill whoever comes out and go to their world!

    MacArthur: *super dramatic* Though it will probably be a complete badass*

    *Dinosaur head flies out and MacArthur attacks it*

    MacArthur: HURAAHHHGGG!!! (pretty much any battlecry could go here)

    MacArthur: Oh duh. That was just the corpse returning to it's proper dimension.

    Torah: Why did you do this?!

    MacArthur: Huh?

    Torah: He was my only friend, and you chopped his head in half!

    Torah: Why'd you do it?

    MacArthur: Uh.... Idunno

    MacArthur: But what the Hell is going on? I'm the one who chopped his head in half, but who
    chopped it off?

    Torah: Oh Crap.. Thats right! His killer is probably around here.

    Torah: Then I better hurry!

    *Torah starts to saw some meat off of the dead dinosaur*

    MacArthur: What the-? Thats your friend isn't it?!

    Torah: Yes but interdimensional travel is dangerous. Some worlds dont have anything
    that is edible.

    Torah: Plus hes really delicious!

    MacArthur: Oh Okay.

    MacArthur: Seriously though, I might have to kill you.

    Torah: Why... would you want to do that?

    MacArthur: Well you see, I make a habit out of only killing people who are assholes,
    but you might be my only shot at getting out of this dimension.

    MacArthur: I could kill the guy who off'd your dinosaur friend, but it looks like he ran
    off. Like a Pussy.

    Executioner: Say that again, chump! I dare you!

    MacArthur: Huh?

    MacArthur: Eh?

    MacArthur: Noone is here... but it sounded like he was whispering in my ear...

    MacArthur: Hey! Is this guy telepathic or something?

    Torah: No.

    Torah: Oh! but he can turn invisible.

    MacArthur: Well crap, how am I supposed to find him?

    MacArthur: Eh?

    Executioner: Tell me Fool. What is your dimension like? I'm wondering who's portal to take
    after I kill you two.

    MacArthur: Okay, well...

    MacArthur: In my dimension...

    MacArthur: Flowers smell like bacon, and cake tastes like dookie. Water boils itself and
    you've got to cool it to drink it.

    Executioner: Hmm that poop cake could help me go on a diet.

    Executioner: Your dimension doesnt sound half bad.

    MacArthur: Yeah the bacon flowers are great.

    Executioner: What about your dimension, girl?

    Torah: If you went to my dimension, you'd die in three seconds.

    Executioner: Aight, I'm going to yours.

    MacArthur: Hmm...

    MacArthur: Okay, ...but if you meet some guy named Douglass when you get there, can you
    kill him for me?

    Executioner: Sure...

    Executioner: Now kneel down and I'll behead you.

    MacArthur: O.K.

    Torah: Hey, are you really going to give up without a fight?

    Torah: Whats that sword for?

    MacArthur: You're right.. its time for an ACTION SEQUENCE

    MacArthur: GRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Executioner: Huh?

    *MacArthur attacks but nothing really happens*

    MacArthur: Damn...

    Executioner: HaHa.. Good thing you SUCK!!

    MacArthur: HEY! If your bone head wasn't so hard, that would have cut you in half,
    *Torah chokes macarthur*

    Torah: Dude, calm down!

    MacArthur: Ack!

    MacArthur: What the Hell? Hows that supposed to help?!

    MacArthur: Though I actually am calmer now...

    *MacArthur gets punched in the face*

    MacArthur: BUH!

    Executioner: Good.

    Ececutioner: NOW I CAN CHOP YOU!!!

    MacArthur: Heh heh. You don't seriously think you've won, do you?

    MacArthur: Because now is the perfect time for a "Deus ex Machina".

    Executioner: Hurr? What are you talking about?

    MacArthur: Its when something random happens and changes the outcome of a desperate

    MacArthur: Yeah, you're pretty much screwed.

    Executioner: Man, why am I even listening to you?

    *Executioner of crushed by the dinosaur*

    Torah: Hey thats not a deus ex machina, its got to be something completely new.

    MacArthur: Oh.

    MacArthur: Thanks dinosaur.

    MacArthur: I'm sorry I called you ugly, and if you'd want, I'd totally do you.

    Dinosaur: *horrified/disgusted* GROSS! FRICKIN' NASTY!!

    Torah: Well you're wierd.

    MacArthur: Yeah whatever.

    MacArthur: But what are you going to do now? Are you staying here?

    Torah: No way! I hate this place!

    Torah: I'm going through that guy's portal.

    MacArthur: Alright, but we've got to finish him off first.

    MacArthur: and his dimension might be filled with guys just like him...

    MacArthur: We should stick together.

    Torah: I'm not sticking with you!

    Torah: What you said to that dinosaur was pretty creepy...

    MacArthur: Hey you don't need to worry about any advances from me, okay?

    MacArthur: You're not really my type anyway.

    Torah: But that dinosaur was?

    MacArthur: Err... Well that was a special circumstance...

    Torah: Screw it, I'll come with you.

    Torah: It'll be good to have you around.

    Torah: If we get stuck, I can just kill you and take your portal without remorse.

    MacArthur: Heh. Thats the same reason I wanted you around.

    Torah: Oh and my names Torah by the way!

    MacArthur: Torah, eh?

    MacArthur My names MacArthur!

    *executioner's head is chopped off and end*

    Umm to all the people who said they could voice act, I would need to have all the voices by the end of 3 weeks. That way for one month I could just focus on the animating. (What little of it I plan there to be)

    Also if you want direction, we should skype and practice or something. >_<

    Feel free to send me ur sounds bit by bit, or in one big package.

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    got someone 2 do the dinosaur and someone else did the executioner


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    Embedding yourlisten doesnt work

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    Yeah it works.

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    how is ur stuff coming along?

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    I was doing it clip by clip but since my brother's recording setup is in his closet it means walking in and out and it takes forever. I'm just going to do it as one long clip now, where you can chop it up. That means I might have to just say each line like 3 times so you can pick the one you want and send you a massive audio file.

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    idk how to chop the stuff up tho

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    Use a sound editing software. It's easy, u have direct tools.

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    Download a program called Audacity.

    Edit: On second thought I'll just do it the hard way. I have sunday off.


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