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Thread: ♣♥♦♠ My unwitty return: Self-portrait + other junk

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    ♣♥♦♠ My unwitty return: Self-portrait + other junk

    ♦ D e c i d e d . I ' d . s l i d e . i n . . .
    ...and tell you I'm sorta alive. I can't draw anything ever anymore. I'm working on two 18x36" paintings of flowers right now. Here's a crappy cellphone shot that my mom snuck of me working on one as of a few days ago:

    I'm almost done. I just have to paint some leaves and pray I don't run out of paint.

    The other one I'm gonna try to do in Florian Nicolle's style, which could totally fail, but I'm willing to try it. XD It'll be weird, because I'm going to try using paper mache. o____o" And as I learned with my last two paper mache projects, I have a large chance of failbombing, haha.
    SPOILER! :

    I have drawn some other things, but my sister's friend accidentally deleted it when she used my open Photoshop window, which I'm actually not too put out about--even though I liked it a lot. >.> And I also have a landscape thing that I started, but I gave up because it was awful. Sooo yeah. That's all I really have for now, fail.

    Hope you guys had a nice Valentine's/Groundhog's Day, haha.
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