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Thread: ♣♥♦♠ My unwitty return: Self-portrait + other junk

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    ○ Cype: Thanks! I agree; I didn't use as much contrast as I would have liked.
    ○ Ged: Ooh, good one! I think the hips are wide, too. Thanks for pointing that out, because I didn't really notice!
    ○ Jai: Thank you for the crit! And suuuure, I'll take all of your love! ;D
    ○ Cloudy: Thank you!
    ○ Bacon: MY ONE WEAKNESS! FEET! XD (Nah, I've got waaay more than one weakness.) Thanks!

    ♠ V - d a y ~ !
    Happy valentine's day. c:

    Somehow my scanner made it all grainy and like my skin is as light as his. Oh well. XD

    We have shovels and a mirror and a book because of a story he told me one time about us that had all of those objects in it.
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