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Thread: ♣♥♦♠ My unwitty return: Self-portrait + other junk

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    ○ Son: Thanks!
    ○ Bacon: I used a hard pencil to sketch the figure first, but then I want back with charcoal to shade in black. I think that's the only thing keeping me clean! ¡^¡
    ○ Sy: My university offers weekend lifedrawing sessions to the public for only five dollars (though I get it for free in my classes during the weekdays). You could probably call up your local art department and see if they do anything similar. It's awesome.
    ○ Cloudy: Thank you! And yeah, it's great fun.
    ○ Gunz: I've done it before, but never with a man, haha. Maybe one day. XD

    ♦ l i n e . v s . v a l u e
    Still working out the composition of the final project images, but I did get Hevhninh's head worked out--which was a greater ordeal than originally projected.

    Anyway, each of these image styles have their strengths. I'll choose one soon to use for the final.

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