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Thread: aragorl's drawings

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    aragorl's drawings

    Yo, everybody

    I have now been drawing for some time. I was hoping to find some opinions on my drawings here. This way can i know where i need to improve the most.

    This is a random character i have created also about a month ago. I have give her a name: sophie

    sophie vanijk.jpg

    Lucy from fairy tail. This is a drawing a made 2 weeks ago

    lucy heartfilla.jpg

    EDIT: Something more recent. I tried to redraw sophie from this time from sideview

    Sofie sideview.jpg
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    Yo, do you use guidelines for your work? The proportions feel off. On the first pic, she seems to have have very large shoulders. This is not a very feminine trait. Shoulders should'nt be larger than the waist. Her left knee looks broken and the overall shape of her limbs and arms looks wrong. Hiding hands is a bad habit, since you won't learn how to draw em'. Hair looks nice, I like the curve of it. Her legs are really short... With her arms out of her back it would look kinda weird. The eyes feel sort of lifeless and you forgot to add white. Right now there's skin in her eye. Second pic; the head is too big. It's an issue that often comes back with anime inspired art. Unless you're doing chibi art, it's bad to overdo it. In that case, it just does'nt work well. Head should be 1/3 of the shoulders area. For the hand you should've used your own hand as ref or guidelines, however it's a good start. For the third pic the head is definitly too big. The actual cranium looks huuuge. The torso is so straight...I guess it's possible since the tree is straight but it feels stiff. The pose feels stiff, needs more curve. the proportiond minus the head look much better this time.. However if she's reading a book she would be looking down. stock-photo-girl-sitting-under-the-tree-reading-a-book-horizontal-106498673.jpg That is one tiny book. Also the feets are wrong. And as said before the shape of your limbs feel off. You should study human muscle shape and anatomy. Reference is needed.

    Other than that don't let it discourage you, keep drawing and make cool stuff! I like your art, it just needs some work I guess it's more about keeping to draw new, different stuff that'll help you, never stop drawing!
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