This is a really simple forum game. Posters alternate being the dungeon master or the dungeoneer. Nobody is assigned a role. If you post after a dungeon master post then you are the dungeoneer. If you post after a dungeoneer then you are the dungeon master. It works like this.

1st Post
Dungeon Master
You see an entrance to a dark cave, and another path leading into a stinky forest. What do you do?

2nd Post by another random dude
I light up a torch and go into the cave, but I leave my pants behind. They'll only slow me down.

3rd Post by a third random dude
Dungeon Master
The cave is full of morbidly obese squirrels. They attack you. What do you do?



Dungeon Master
You wake up in a dark dungeon cellar wearing two pairs of pants and a bib. In one corner of the room you see the singer-songwriter Sting. He is mournfully playing the bass. There is a door on the north wall. The room smells like tomato paste.