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Thread: The General says, 'Guten Tag!!'

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    The General says, 'Guten Tag!!'

    Since I'm technically new to this new version of manga tutorials. I thought I would say, Guten Tag! Ummmmm.....if anyone reads this and they remember me, my comic...which was called Kreapers, but then changed it to Age of the Fallen...will cme back soon but it will take a while, my computer is broken and I have to get a new one and then I'll upload the new pages...if you don't know who I am....I draw comics and I'm a bit obnoxious....and I like to do things most people are ashmed to say out loud....heh heh heh.....and I like long walks on the beach.................................and so forth.

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    Preparing the laser beam, we're gonna use it tonight.
    Welcome to the other side of the mountain...everything is all blue and periwinkle-ish.
    Also yea I remember Kreapers, good luck with continuing on it too xD I'm still reviving my comic.


    I smell a Rio nearby.

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    Outside your house.
    You might get kicked to the curb dude.
    I'm here. Your life just got 0.000000000001% better.

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    :makes a late appearance:

    Aaaaaah~! What a way to start at MT! n_________n

    :kicks to curb:

    ....Oh, and welcome back!!


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