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Thread: Iccy's Art Thread. GroupBoard request...

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    WHOA. She's hot. Everything in that pic just looks epic. For that matter, so does everything in this new update.

    I really like your style. That's all I can say, cuz I can't critique you (too much level difference!). Sorry.

    >>Thanks for taking up a request like that out of the blue.<< *Downloads*

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    Iccy! Nice work with the GB stuff. Are you still using the same pen you did for your digital art or have you upgraded? What are you using now? Do you use SAI? (I have yet to buy it.) Or do you settle for Photoshop?

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    I hate how you fake detail in your line quality and shapes. *fistshake* I am so jealous of you all the time, buh--! <33

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    Lol, Iccy. The one chewing gum, she looks like she's about to do a barrel roll. Xb

    I really like your lineart on the more finished pieces. It's so easy on the eyes.

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    Iccy's Art Thread. GroupBoard request...

    To Matt, Glad you like it! ^^

    To LK, I'm using Wacom intous 4 right now, and I'm still on photoshop, since I'm already used to the hotkeys C:

    To Seefy, If it look good, it aint fake ;DD

    To Umber_the_kid, She'll barrel roll over you O:<, nah jk C:.

    Anyways, I think I'm gonna take up some GB request, meaning, I'll draw them all on GB. I'll take 3 C:

    1. Sho - Sho Minamimoto


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