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Thread: Iccy's Art Thread. GroupBoard request...

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    Iccy's Art Thread. GroupBoard request...

    My art after 3 months of not drawing anything D:!

    This is actually for a contest for a MMO game call Cosmic break, first place gets game money >3<

    Wish me luck :C

    Do critique and comment plz C:
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    Good luck.

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    This is awesome... =^.^= I'm sure you'll do just fine

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    Hmm, this is kinda hard to crit, curse you. O<

    I only have a few suggestions for the blue girl -- although most of the things I mention will most likely just be stylistic preferences.

    - shoulders seem slightly too large
    - hand appears to be rather small (it's smaller than her shoulder)
    - lower leg is somewhat long and therefore gets too narrow in the middle

    Great job on the boobs though, and the red girl looks amazing. x]
    Good to have you back, man.

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    Lookin' good thar, iccy. I have some critiques, though:

    - Red's facial features are off-center.
    - Her chest sticks out too far, compared to where her neck would be.
    - The blush tone on her stomach is in a perfect oval, which makes it look somewhat unnatural.
    - It gets a little crowded nearby Red's far leg, so it's kinda hard to tell what's going on there.

    - Blue's far shoulder is way too far back. She would have at least a shoulderspan of 3 heads. You might wanna bring it closer.
    - Her near shoulder is quite large and raised a little high.
    - Personally, I'm a fan of long lower legs so I'm okay with that.
    - Does her knee have a kneepad on it? (can't tell cuz of costume) If not, it's too raised.

    Aside from that, this is a solid entry and makes a great wallpaper.

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    To Hamdrank, thx mate C:

    To Dark Deception, thx man! ^^

    To tay, I agree with the legs and the tiny hands, I notice that as well when i was colouring it Cx. I'll keep that in mind for future reference C: thx!

    To Cyp, Thx mate! I keep an eye on those for the future, maybe next time i sould have post it here on MT before getting to the final product, haha.

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    It's a little cramped, Red's left arm is getting lost in the BG.

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    True that Sparky my man.

    New stuff, an over due request from DA

    Yeah...this one have a ton of errors in it >_>;

    Its kinda one of those things that force you to get back into it, but even so, you fail horribly at it


    Do tell me if the colour are to dark for this one, because from my experience, the display on my laptop makes everything goes lighter :/

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    i really like the first one.
    if you don't win the contest, make some shirts of it or something else....don't let it go to waste.

    for the second pic, i really dig the j-lo type behine ;-)

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    xD I'll try to make some shirts mate! thx C:

    Ok, serious update...well, an update that i seriously need critique on xD


    This is not an original story, its my friends, I'm just remaking it for practice since I'm idea block atm.
    I need critiques on the paneling in particular. And yes, I havent insert any context. And this comic pages are supposedly to lead to my new art C:

    I know the pages are off sided, Ill fix that C:

    Check the original here:


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