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Thread: Simplify, simplify, simplify!!

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    Simplify, simplify, simplify!!

    One of the most basic methods of drawing involves starting with a simplification and working your way up from that as a foundation. My question is: what methods of simplification do you find to be most effective; e.g. what method do you use the most?

    Some examples off the top of my head - certainly not all of them -

    => The gesture/ghost lining method - uses gestures and "ghost lines" to capture the relationships in energy behind the figure.
    => The 3D shape method - applies 3D shapes to capture proportions and perspective of shapes in space
    => The major shape method - draw one huge shape roughly in the shape of what you want; split it/draw another connecting shape, etc.
    => The border method - draw straight lines as borders (potentially in perspective) all around your figure and work inwards in such a way that nothing's too large or small
    => The "idea" method - note, *extremely* misused as the 'stick figure' method - beginning your drawing with an action or idea. Sharp lines capture the basic action of the subject without giving detail to shape or form. Sticks with no action obviously are against the purpose of this method...

    Of course, I don't advocate any one over the other and realize that each kind has its virtues. I guess what I want to know is which seems to come the most easily to artists.


    On the left is gesture stressing loose, flowing forms; on the right is borders stressing neat, tight accuracy.

    Major [overlapping] 2D shapes seem to work best in simulated 2D...

    The foundation isn't always visible either... :P
    Trying to build something from its basic forces is extremely hard for me to learn, but here's someone who did.
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