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Thread: Whooters Kiva here!!XD

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    Cool Whooters Kiva here!!XD

    hi everyone,im Katelyn but you can all call me Kiva if you want!XDim 18 recently,I live in Ireland in galway(YES THAT PLACE WITH THE LEPRECHAUNS PFFTO3O) and a very helpful person told me about this site*-* I like to think im a friendly person and OMG i smell something delicious downstairs...o_o should i go down..but im filling this out..ok fill out first THEN EATOAO

    dont have many big dislikes other than school!XDand being called retarded:-/ IM JUST CLUMSY AND FORGETFUL DX< theres a difference!!
    as for my likes,i like slushees,ice-cream,dance,listening to music,drawing manga,hanging with my awesome friends,editing AMVs(anime music videos) if you wanna check out my AMVs here a link *o*

    favourite mangas are katekyo hitman reborn,skip beat,D.gray man,Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle,Pandora Hears,Ouran High School Host Club and so many many more >: D NOW FOOOD
    its nice to meet everyone*o* this site looks awesome,i hope ill im prove on my manga drawings here!!XD
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