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Thread: Hello, I'm James, or you can call me Tom.

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    Do you mean like... Garden gnomes

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    Go Away, China.
    Hello, Tom-James. Welcome to MT.

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    Everyone is going to call you tom because there is only room for one james.

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    Hi Tom, Nice to meet you. Its kinda funny you have trouble naming your cat, but do not try to name it he jerry. I named my cats on basis of its color. One time I had three generations of all black color, so I call them the Hitam satu (Black One; Hitam mean Black), Hitam dua (Black Two), and Hitam Tiga (Black Three).

    Wow! so you can survive in the digital age as it is now with non-digital images. I'm proud of you. I am a digital artist, but I never could beat my friend who drew the free hand in the field of graphic design. his picture always has a deeper soul. so I saw this site and started to learn to draw free hand.

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    ...I'm not interested in them alot, but I have pointy ears which get red really fast, so people call me elf or gnome,(lol) anyway, my name's M3S1H, and I'm currently a little busy with a manga that I have to finish by the end of February. So welcome, I hope to see you around.
    I'm here. Your life just got 0.000000000001% better.

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    Oh good, because I've created a certain type of creature called an Elm.

    I'm going to be drawing those a lot as a basis for my humanoid side of drawing.

    Sure an Elm is a type of tree but I found it to be fitting for the fictional creatures of my book.

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