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    Need for Speed 2. I know this is a very old game (perhaps dates back to 1995?) but this is the only racing game that I actually like, mastered, and played it for a long time (for a racing game). This game still features real video instead of CGI, which is neat IMO.

    Since internet was so slow at that time (and I still have no internet at that time), I don't know how good I am, but at least I beat everyone in my house when playing this game. They use the fastest car while I use the slowest car, yet I still beat them and break the fastest lap record again and again.

    If I'm not forgotten, the fastest car in this game is McLarren while the slowest car is Lamborghini (but have highest handling). Lamborghini is my most favorite car and I always use that. Even in the simplest race track (which basically an O, a track that exist in all racing game), fastest car should reign... but I break the fastest lap record, using that Lamborghini...

    But then again, that's only in my house... I bet there are thousands of people faster than me in this game. But that doesn't change the fact that this is my most favorite racing game...
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