Hello everyone.As you can see i'm new here
Nice to see you all (wish you all good people)

My name is Riza, from Indonesia (and I'm not a terrorist, hehehe), I'm 23 years old. Currently studying in collage,architecture.

I just want to write my own manga but my quality to draw the characters far below average. So i wondering around and found this great site.

about me:
I was drawing since elementary school,however most of which I figure is the future cities and space planes.The first character that I ever made is "Doraemon" by Fujiko Fujio.the second is "Shinichi Kudo" by Aoyama Gosho.
I love DBZ, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach,Change 123, Kamen Rider Kabuto (the strongest ever), n much more.

I HOPE YOU ALL WILL HELP ME WITH ALL TOTORIALS. Thanks to you All, especially to Rio, tutorial on your anatomy is very helpful.