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Thread: Peach's Art-Crits Welcome

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    Peach's Art-Crits Welcome

    Well I thought I'd post some of my latest artwork-all original by the way, I don't do fanart really- and crits are welcome!
    And all of them are colored with Prismacolor markers
    Random doodle of a girl

    This one I had titled "Diversity". In addition to markers, I used a blue pastel for the background.

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    Here is another illustration I did. I used prismacolor and 2 copic markers for this one.

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    Hey strawberrypeach! Nice stuff you got here. The first image is cute; not much to say about it. The second one: have you ever considered going back and making the black lines around the characters thicker? Or at least re-inking the lines over so it stand out more? Right now, most of the characters is being defined by the color differences and it's a bit tough seeing all the details because the black lines are a bit hard to see. Your third one: her fingers need a bit of work, especially the one near her waist, the feet look too short or at least you could have extended the blue part of her shoe down a bit and her pelvic area just doesn't look quite right. Also, it would've been nice if there was more thickness to the tutu or at least more dimension. Check out this tutorial - especially the third image down. It shows what I mean about dimension.

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    Thank you for the comment! You know, in the second picture of all of the girls, the lines look a little more defined in real life. But I used a dark brown inking pen for all of these drawings, so that's probably why they are not so defined. I guess in the second picture I kind of wanted it that way, to make it look softer, but I see what you're saying. The last one...Yeah, I was trying to work on perspective, and draw her at an angle, heh. I got impatient and inked it beofre it was really finished :P And yeah I wanted to make the tutu look thin and light, but I see now that more dimension would've made it look better. Anyway, thank you for the crits!

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    Here is another picture I finished a few weeks ago. For some reason, it nearly killed me drawing her face in that angle...I'm still not really that happy with it, but it was the first time doing that angle. Colored with Prismacolor markers and 2 Copics.

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    I like the angel picture, but I just feel like the wings are a little off in terms of placement. The realism is really nice to see on MT, so keep up the progress!

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    Thanks! Yeah, now that I look at it, the wings are off...

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    As usual, your colouring's top-notch.

    On that angel pic, it look like her left (our right) shoulder looks a little broad. Though, it may just be my bad eyesight.


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    I really like your coloring style. The color schemes are always pleasant to look at. What I think you're missing, though, is a bit of shading. Adding more shadows to your work will add another dimension to your images.


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