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Thread: Dominic Deegan - Something About Jazzhands

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    Dominic Deegan - Something About Jazzhands

    A Dominic Deegan thread? This Comic’s still going on?
    If only it wasn’t! But although its creator has been kind enough to promise that the end is coming soon, this just seems to be something driving him to offend as much as possible in that time.

    Offend? What’s so bad about they guy?
    First of all, look at these fucking sideburns:

    But more than that, this is the man who taught Tim B^Uckley all he knows about stagnation and producing writing so shit it’d embarrass a four-year old. Whereas Buckley has a reputation as a dickhead in general, Michael “Mookie” Terraciano has a reputation as a “nice guy.” And that’s exactly what he wants you to think, heck, that cutesy “Mookie” nickname? He gave that to himself.

    Dominic Deegan: Asshole Most Dire is the self-insert Mary-Sue fiction that lets Mookie escape from the cruel reality where you have to work to earn and where power metal is not the One True Sound of music. In this world things are able to go right for him, and so as time has gone on he has exercised more and more plot contrivance bullshit to provide wish-fulfilment for his already padded ego, often at the expense of someone less privileged than himself. Usually women, but we'll come to that. So just how bad can the childish scribblings of a fully grown man be? Well, here’s the first comic:

    “Not bad for a thirteen year old,” you say? He was in his early/mid-twenties when he drew this. With such humble beginnings he can only get better from here, right?

    This is the latest comic. Well the art looks a little neater? you say. Aha, but the time frame? Here is a comparison image of 2002-2011

    Yes, really, the most he can show for 9 years is slightly neater lines and the boobs being uneven in the other direction. But while the art is bad, it’s not the worst part of this comic. Remember when I said that the titular character, Dominic Deegan was a self-insert? Well, that's not entirely true, for Mookie has mastered some kind of what I can only assume to be patented self-insertion that means that not just Dominic, but EVERY male protagonist is based off of Mookie in a very non-subtle way, be it in their really-nice-guy nature or very clearly looking exactly like Mookie if he ever went to the gym.

    Nevertheless, the Self Insertus Primus is Dominic Deegan, he's the most obvious insert, as you can tell because Mookie draws himself exactly like him when he does draw himself. He is alpha-Mookie, and as such he allows Mookie to do all the things his real life persona never gets to do, you know, like

    Uh, right. That, but I’m sure he’s a nice guy deep do—

    Okay, fine, I guess it’s cool to make wordplay 'jokes' about someone who's in the process of suicide. Ah but then Mookie has never really had much of a problem enjoying himself around dying women, be it a totally necessary ass-shot of a woman dying from her blood freezing over

    To the sexualization of violence happening to a woman (note the slits on her breasts, they are never explained)

    To the sexualization of a dead woman. Nothing says “dignity” like having the whole comic cast stand around a woman’s corpse while they discuss the fact she’s been murdered,

    without, you know, putting her on her back or something. Something where this dead woman's arse isn't just out there for everyone to stare at while we decide just how dead she is.

    Really, though, women in Dominic Deegan can’t catch a break:

    Least of all the orc child that we’ve all grown very familiar with: Mookie is so bad at discerning what good writing is that the idea that he couldn’t do justice to something simply could not cross his mind, so what did he think about doing?

    But thankfully she still remembers her place

    Well okay, that’s not so dandy.
    Well, don’t forget it’s not just women who get short plot sticks around here, here’s a picture of the only black character attempting it to rape the main female.

    This is the first time this person’s skin colour was ever revealed. If that wasn't classy enough as a portrayal, previously this sole black character had been a common mugger/thief, now he’s an attempted rapist. At no point has he not been a criminal. "At least" in this damning strip of him about to get his rape on, he was being mind controlled to do it by, you guessed it, a woman. The almost-victim’s sister, actually. On what motive? “Because I hate you, little sister.”

    Sounds like very solid characterization
    Very solid, just like the only gay character in the comic (who is in love with Dominic, by the way, because he’s gay and Dominic is ~so perfect~) is gay. Like I mean, GAY, people. He fancies men. Because he's gay. Why do I keep repeating this? Because so does he,

    Contrived joke? Sure, but as long as we can draw attention to how gay this gay dude is, that’s perfectly all right. If a non-Deegan isn’t referring to him as a queer or a faggot, they’re referring to him as a pervert. Mookie is just so sensitive about the LGBTQ community. It should be noted that in a recent arc Dominic throwing up manages to "cure" Szark of his attraction to Dominic due to a previously not mentioned emetophobia causing him to see the object of his affection as a "barfy poopy slime" of some retarded description.

    The original Deegan thread can be found here, it spans most of 2010, a year where we were blessed with Deegan appearing for basically none of the comic in that time.

    If you really want to read this comic, it can be found here. But you might be better off asking for a summary in here. There isn't one included in the OP because some of the funniest posts in this thread will likely come from when rational people try and comprehend the awful that is this comic's plot.

    Additionally, after a week of abject boredom with the current plotline and a determination to get some entertainment out of Dominic Deegan somehow, took several bottles of liquor to the archives of Deegan in what became the Dominic Deegan Drinking Game (recordings are below the stream window) which still continues due to popular demand. They are usually on a Tuesday or Thursday at 3 EST / 8 GMT, with the day changing to fit in guest hosts who generally come from this thread.

    OP borrowed/shamelessly stolen from SA. I'm going to customize it and add some stuff and remove some stuff later. For now make do.

    EDIT: Just noticed some of the images are too large. I will fix them when I get home.
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    If only it wasn’t!
    I couldn't have said it better myself...

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    mookie is how a cow says dookie

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    SPOILER! :

    Did Mookie try to make an Xmen ripoff or something? Something about that strip just reminds me of it for some reason.

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