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Thread: From the Dark- Left or Right?

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    Lightbulb From the Dark- Left or Right?

    I'm right in assuming MTer's now can have two art threads...true? One in critique corner, the other here?

    For anyone who doesn't know, my name's Chii. I used to be really active on here. Then I went to college and MT exploded. It looks so fresh and new.


    Commission based on script by friend's boyfriend.

    A super rough development piece beforehand:

    Odd story. I had an early sketch of the old guy too but I gave it to the screenwriter o.O...
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    Welcome back, Chii. <:

    Yes you can indeed have a thread here and in the CC! The Artist Alley is basically for showing off and sharing some lulzy sketches or finished pieces. And the CC is solely for critique ;D
    I'm liking the dark feel to your drawings here, very nice! You should post some of your old art, might be nostalgic for a lot of us old members. <:

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    Welcome back Chii
    Good luck on making some art magic for your bf's screenwriting friend.

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    Why thank you Linz <3. And Morfedly, I appreciate the kind wishes. It was for my friend's boyfriend ha. I'm actually working on art for my bf right now.

    Per Linz's request, here is some old art. I have MOUNTAINS of this stuff so if any of the other MT veterans (or anyone else really) wants to see any of my older work, just let me know.

    I miss Resa. Anyone heard from her?
    SPOILER! :

    this one's really popular on DA for some reason...
    I used to do a lot of fanart. I had a series I had done for a convention:

    lot of cute stuff too...

    SPOILER! :

    Linz, I'm just throwing random stuff out. If you have any particular requests, I'd be happy to oblige.

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    That first one is pretty cool! I love all the detail! The second picture so cute! <3 All your chibis are pretty adorable as well. Can't wait to see a new piece from you
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    I think your older stuff looks much better and more refined.
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    Raichu... heart melting ;______;

    It is interesting to see the style changes from back then to today, I really like the old sketches for some reason c:

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkmousysminion View Post
    I miss Resa. Anyone heard from her?
    she on deviantart

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    JJorgie: Aw thank you. Newer pieces on the way.

    Aether: Refined is an interesting word to use. I understand you probably are referring to how clean or tight my lines were and how smooth the color appears on the old stuff. I've been studying a lot of character design, storyboarding, and traditional painting as of late which is why a lot of my artwork is far rougher than my older sketches. They require you to work faster but ultimately I think my anatomy and appeal has improved. It's a matter of opinion either way; thank you for yours .

    Demonfyre: Ha thanks! Yeah. My older sketches are a lot more "manga-esk." I've been steering away from manga because I realized how isolated I had been and how little I had experimented with other drawing styles. I still love manga and anime but it's a sad fact that art schools and professional companies want more than just that style (and, on occasion, discriminate against it). I also felt like I didn't truly have a unique style so I've been doing a lot of "artistic soul-searching."

    Evil_Cake: you're awesome, thank you

    Posting something tonight. Darn this whole working to live thing.
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    Which do you like better? Left or right? Why?

    If anyone's seen Game of Thrones I'm preparing to make a sort of mural with a code of arms for my boyfriend's graduation. He goes by "the lucky lynx" when gaming so that's why you see the tuff-eared kitty with the clover.

    Best part about these? Drawn on sticky notes :feels classy:
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