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Thread: Using Sketchup to create backgrounds/vehicles/etc...

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    Using Sketchup to create backgrounds/vehicles/etc...

    I'm pretty new to manga and I am just kind of working through various tutorials. One thing I did find rather helpful is the ability to use Sketchup to create background scenes for images. It seems much easier than working with perspective rulers imho.

    Here is an example where I created a quick background dojo (texturing it with Gimp) into a simple scene.

    Anyway, I just thought I 'd mention it as a tool which people may want to explore on their own.

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    I've done this before, and depending on your needs, this method can still be pretty complicated, if not more than using traditional perspective lines. But it's a good little tool to have on your side sometimes.
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    Err, I think this thread belongs in Drawing, Animation and Tutorials, maybe? Like... dunno. It doesn't quite fit under there, but I don't think it quite fits here, either? Gonna move it there, and if any other mods have an issue, feel free to shunt it back here, or w/e.

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