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Thread: Renzokuken's Thread Mark III: Colouring & Unfinished work

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    Renzokuken's Thread Mark III: Colouring & Unfinished work

    Well, it's been a while. I'm Renzo: the teen artist with decent drawing skills with a poor quality camera. The last time I updated was in September and the last comment made in my thread (which happened to be mine, lol) was in October.

    I bet I've faded so far into the background you've forgotten me, huh?

    *awkward silence*

    So yeah, here's some new stuff for 2011 and some old stuff altogether:


    Sunset taken just at the bottom of the steps to my house.

    When it snowed around here, it looked amazing.

    Train Station.

    Drawings (Leisure & College work):

    This is a WIP character from...Actually, you'll find out eventually, lol.
    Her name's Astra.

    Trying to use my imagination to represent human emotions. This one's...Love. Yes, I know, it's f*****g weird.

    I got this, lol.

    Time & Age piece for College.

    Study of drapery. Taken from Da Vinci's work.

    I added a random skeletal hand to try and make it relevant but I decided to leave it as an experimental page.

    One of my favourite OCs: Kain.

    This look feels more final.

    Risa in my updated style.

    "The deaths of her loved ones trouble her deeply."

    Amongst the first of my 2011 pieces.

    This a final piece for Art.


    Just some general sketches of 2010.

    Anatomy studies for College. (Yes, that top pic is inked XP)

    More anatomy studies.

    More later.
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