A not too serious topic, just to have some fun (and survey/information gathering on my part)...

Let's say if you could jump into another world or dimension. You only could choose one world, and not another once you decided on a world... but there's a catch, since you could always go back and forth from that world to this world (in case you get bored living there), though you couldn't bring anything from there to here... or from here to there (like your magic ability or knowledge, in case you choose magical fantasy world). Though you vaguely keep a little of your memories from the other world (perhaps only as far as you know who you are in the other world)

And please remember that this is a shared world, so there are lots of other people joining in (or rather, you all are joining in a world that suit your desire the most). So no answer like, world where I'm the king of the world, or world where there's no consequences and I could anything I want...

Oh, and be careful, since if you died there, you died just like the way you died in this world (no continue, no restart, no loading from last checkpoint).

Now the question is: what kind of world will you choose?
- Will you choose peaceful world where there's everything for everyone (an Utopia, perhaps)?
- Do you want to experience the adrenaline pumping action, fighting gigantic alien life-form inside futuristic mecha (Just like Muv-Luv or Super Robot War series)?
- Perhaps you want to try some magic or do those physical-defying movement or even join some guild and hack away some dragons with your friends in fantasy world (like Final Fantasy or Dungeon and Dragons world)?
- May be you just want world that similar to this world, but with far more high-tech life (like Apple Seed or Ghost in the Shell)?
- Do you interested in world where you could travel all around the world, collecting and then trains some monsters, jam it inside a ball (or your digivice, or whatever it is), and then pit it against another monster (Pokemon, Digimon, you name it...)

- Or what? Any kind of world you like?