Marijuana should be legal. It's non-addictive and non-harmful and, either way, it is not the governments job to protect us from ourselves.

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Plus I know that boy from my High School. He wasn't dumb or stupid but he was smoking marijuana everyday. He still does. I just met him last year. 4 years since I last met him. He is now super super dumb and stupid. I could not believe it, he is not the same anymore. There is no way to describe it. You have to see the person now and 4 years ago. He either switched to drugs or what books says about marijuana is true.
It's not true. Marijuana has no long-term neurological effects.

I think it should be forbidden - but it's peoples choice. I don't want to convice anyone if it is bad. In my opinion if there is a chance that it will harm you - why do it?
Have you ever ridden inside of a car? Why? The odds of you getting in a car accident and becoming seriously injured or being killed are significant.