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Thread: Drugs are bad, mkay?

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    First, I'm telling you to read the my posts because I specifically stated that crime and fast food are two different things. And you proceeded to berate me for calling them the same thing.

    Second, I don't see why the state should be responsible for taking the initiative to reform every obese person out there. They should, like you suggested, offer the resources necessary to help people overcome obesity.

    The responsibility to take the initiative needs to fall on the obese person OR, in the case of an addiction, the people around them. If there is no one at all around to help this person, then that person has bigger problems than obesity.

    I do want to help. I want to help those who want to be helped. In the case of an addict, the severety of the situation is often so bad that even if the person acts like they don't want help, the severity of the situation is so bad that the problem becomes impossible for others to ignore. One has to assume an addict wants help; it's clearly ruining their life.

    But you don't get obese over night. It takes years or maybe months of habit forming. During that time, everyone (save for young children) has the conscious choice. The addict of today was the conscious over-eater of yesterday. Although I wouldn't advocate NOT helping them, part of me sees some of these obesity issues as the consequences of people's past actions.

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    I don't really have an opinion about legalising it, but I can say this, it really screwed with two of my siblings and they will forever need medication now, they used to practically live off this stuff as teens.

    People should make up their own minds about it, but make sure to educate yourselves about it. in big quantities I believe it is harmful to SOME people.

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    I don't live in the US, but i do live in The Netherlands a place where it is legalized... But i guess it doesn't matter what my opinion is because someone will have a different opinion about it and we'd be just arguing in circles on the internet.

    Anyways, i think drugs are bad for you. And ive experienced life's falling apart because of it. And i hope people will understand why.

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    My Vote, YES!
    It will get us out of debt...

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    Yeah you shouldn't revive threads nearly 2 months old


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