Akaiji rushed upstairs to discover what had happened to Hui and Shun, but was surprised by a haggard looking shun barging out the door before him, still carrying half his clothes in hand.

"Honorable lady alchemist... I must admit you are more fearsome in the ways of combat than I suspected... A fine skill of deception I must say..." His voice almost sounded impressed, but more confused, and even more just Akaiji-esk. He wasn't... nervous, was he?... "Is your carapace damaged?"


"I must inquire as to the safety of the others, but..."

"My knowledge of these... vertebrates is limited... and..."


"I must inquire as to the safety of the others. Please regard me the thoughts on this matter at a more convenient setting, my honorable female alchemist."

He moved to return his towering sword to the scabbard, but found himself pausing mid-motion and examining the gore that incrusted the blade. Even the blood on it's own felt... most troubling... For now, he just propped it up against the wall and left it be. Other things were more concerning.

The crab examined the survivors closely, starting with the man who he had pummeled into unconsciousness moments before. Did the monsters bother to have those under their control them eat and maintain themselves? How long had it been, indeed?...

He passed around some blankets and made sure at least a few of them drank something. The strange expression spoke of him understanding their human terror, but only as one might from reading an instruction manual on it. What crab version of it he may or may not have felt was left up to the imagination.


"...That... was a most fantastic kick..."