"I do not know much about the ghosts," the innkeeper 'explained in a bored and monotone voice. "They have been hurting business. It would be good if you could get rid of them. Not many pilgrims coming by, these days." He added, 'helpfully.' He didn't have anything helpful to say about the shrine, either, although Hui was quick to 'help', in that regard. He did offer to let them all stay for free, though, since they were trying to get rid of the ghosts, which was good.

"Well my ancestors built the place, gorgeous, and I'm sure I can help you out." She said taking a seat for herself and smiling.

Meanwhile, Shun and his two new friends made their way upstairs towards the bedrooms, the two weird cult ladies going on about gods know what, while Shun stared at their cleavage and made a token show of pretending to be paying attention to whatever they were rambling about.