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    Little Trouble in Big Zhaoge (G)

    Sorry, a bit rushed. Also this is taking place IN THE FUTURE. Slightly. Figure this likely starts about the same time that C gets home from their tourny.
    Of course, better yet is to just not think about the timeline since all of the Time Lords mucked it up and there is no Doctor here to set things right.

    The last few months have certainly been interesting.

    First there was that global quake that shook the world, and not much else. That was certainly an odd enough occurrence in and of itself, and some of those in tune with the Way felt it was a sign of something wrong, or soon to be wrong, in Nature. The Kami's displeasure with the way events had gone, or soon would go. But only a few Druid villages seemed to get really worried or upset. The second tremor was more of the same.

    Then came the word from the Western Kingdoms that Therion, the Doom of Heroes, King of Rape, Worldsmasher, and so on, had been demanding greater
    and more frequent tributes of treasure and women from his conquered territories, that his armies had been on the move, his production of undead increased,
    and that the Doom of Heroes himself had been spotted outside of his lair on at least two separate occasions.

    Oh dear.

    Then Brookhaven, some city out West. What the fuck was that all about? Reports were strangely vague about that. All you knew - if even that little - was
    that Therion did something to the town and everyone died and apparently it's so fucked that no one can even live there anymore. How lovely.
    And then came Doré. The shining bastion of civilization and justice in the West was destroyed by the Worldsmasher. Its princesses taken, its cities smashed,
    the country was in ruins and the survivors few.

    How lovely.

    Then he proceeded to smash Champignon, some small kingdom near Lareaux. Rumors of increased activity among his agents are also rife.

    Clearly Therion was off on one of his frequent "FUCK THE WORLD I AM AWESOME!" trips.

    Luckily, none of it concerned you directly. Therion rarely fucked with Izumo, after all.

    But things in Izumo have been odd lately, too, haven't they?

    To the south there are stories of increased activity by the vile Cult of Orochi. Rumors from Cao tell stories of ghost epidemics.

    But thankfully, nothing here in Wu, so far. Besides, you weren't here to worry about evil cults and/or hungry ghosts. You are here, in Wu, for a martial arts tournament.

    You are here to kick ass and eat dumplings - and you're all outta dumplings.


    The arena was a large open-air affair, although you had seen larger. You had the great honor of the presence of Yao, a Tien Lung, and his retinue. You weren't quite expecting this, but then again, no one probably was. Everyone seemed a bit awed and humbled by his presence.

    Fortunately, Lord Yao had chosen to assume humanoid form for his visit. A giant dragon hovering over the crowd might have made things a bit distracting.

    The tournament was scheduled to last four days. There were no eliminations. The overall winner would be determined by whoever had the most wins. In the event of a tie, there would be a tiebreaker match.

    The first fight of the day was some chick named Lin vs some guy named Shun. The crowd seemed pretty excited.


    Lin took her place in the arena first, accompanied by cheers and a fair share of catcalls - you imagine the presence of a dragon got the rowdier elements in line.

    She was clearly an older woman, however she was also quite the stunning beauty. Her beauty made it a bit hard to place, but one imagined she was probably in her late 30's or early 40's. Her hair was tied back in a tight bun, and she wore a short, skintight qipao that terminated in a loincloth of sorts. She was more than a pretty face and amazing rack though, you could see she was fairly toned.

    She had a confident smile on her pretty face as Shun entered (well, stumbled/staggered in). From the vibe she gave off, if her skill was even half as good as her ego he was pretty much screwed.

    She was quicker than him, rushing in as soon as the fight started. Despite taking the initiative she was caught off guard a bit by her opponent's drunken swaying and dodging, her palmstrike missing. Still, the older beauty was confident, playing it off with a one-liner. "You haven't even lost yet and you're already hitting the drink?"

    To be fair, the people in the front rows could almost smell the booze.
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