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Thread: Little Trouble in Big Zhaoge (G)

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    Akaiji lumbered right up behind Ganzorig, heavy feet clattering along the stone floor. One could feel the heated gusting of crude, powerful book lungs. His immense bulk rustled up directly against the man.

    "An immensely honoured glorious dragon." His whisper boomed. Well, it was strangely lower pitched. And it's voice always boomed. "This one would much appreciate if you learn the difference." A parcel was suddenly thrust into the man's arms... erm, the small monolith?...

    "I cannot carry this object. Too large...."

    He was clearly right. The towering black stone plinth was bigger than he was, and probably twice as heavy...

    ...and, well, it wasn't like they could just leave it here, retrained by only half a thug's loincloth.

    "There... is not another option..."


    In one fluent motion, the giant crustacean's massive sword flew out of the scabbard and impacted with the larger black object...

    A chip. Then a splinter. It was as hard as stone, but still only ordinary, mundane, non-ethereal stone.

    The cracks began to spread...

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