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Thread: Little Trouble in Big Zhaoge (G)

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    "Akaiji is helping."

    The crabby samurai behemoth scoured the town with a fine-tooth comb looking for information, knocking over trash pails and terrorising old people.

    You could say he combed it far too finely, infact. Sometimes he would even ask random wild animals or pets for advice, on the off chance they were a sentient speicies he had not heard about yet. It varied a little, but the most of the time he just asked about either "Your mind contents regarding floating box collosal for rent or small purchace." or "Dishourable corsairs who must be respectifully stabbed in the head for the respectable respect of the honourable town and one's own honourable orders."

    This probally didn't help?

    SPOILER! :
    Boatish informations; 1d20=6
    Piratical informations;
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