The older woman grunted again. She was sweating heavily and panting hard now, but still on her feet. "You're a little bitch." She growled before rearing up on one leg and sending two rapid fire kicks out into Yu, the first catching her in her breasts, and the second smashing hard into her face. Lin then decided to end it with a flare, sending a hard slap into Yu's hurting face, sending the girl spinning (and teeth flying) around a full 360 degrees before she fell unconscious to the floor.

"Bitch." She added for emphasis.

She was sweaty and tired, her sides and groin hurt, her hair was a bit frazzled, and she was down a few teeth. But she had won, and the crowd was cheering for her, and that cute guy from before was cheering for her, and as far as she was concerned this counted as a victory.

She placed a foot on Yu and raised her arms in victory.