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Thread: Little Trouble in Big Zhaoge (G)

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    The two goons closest to Megaera realized the futility of trying ot hit the Crab and focused their attacks on her, although they managed to score a decent hit only once.

    Surprising no one, the last goon's club just thudded harmlessly off of Akaiji's Akaijiness. He did manage to shout out a call for help, though. Maybe there were more goons coming?

    Lin did nothing, because Lin was still out cold.

    Megaera takes 6 Damages!
    Akaiji takes 6 damages!

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    SPOILER! : 2 hits.. No need to roll damage... topmost goon is a goner

    Still unable to edit map currently >_<.

    Ganzorig slapped the goon closest to him a couple more times, and the sucka collapsed.
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    It seemed foolhardy to think that Akaiji using his blade sideways made any differance; The thing was so heavy, the creature's mits so filled with brutal power, it might aswell have been blunt anyway.

    SPOILER! :
    Two handed power attack roll.
    Damage done.

    Yet, with the swipe of his weapon completed, the opponent's head was not turned into a chunky paste, only adequately clonked enough to make the man suddenly quite sleepy. Did the crab really mean not to kill him? Was the guy actually just playing dead?

    Thus went the smart crab, the thinking rock, the crawling enigma.

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    "You sons of bitches!" Meg screamed as she smacked the last fucker upside the head. "Take that, cunt!"

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