"This one will destroy all honourable algae in my path. Not because it is eidible, and not utilising mouth components, but perhaps with the warming din of fire, for it is not edible... The hourable algae, not the fire... Alrough hourable exuberant force of fire is also quite inedible to most..." Akaiji made himself perfectly clear, making his ussual grandeous arm gestures, and gazing into the sky, as it always did when he wanted his monotone voice to come across as serious. "This one's humble plan is sound, for it would take no longer for this one to explain himself than it would to-..."

He finally looked down. The dishonourable, stinky little primate was gone. Long gone.

Poor hourable primates.

It seemed by their overtly emotional and confused natures, they were truely unable to consider how a proper plan was supposed to work.