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    "..." Akaiji's expression showed him to be rather surprised, as if confused about why the great Yao would seek the answers to what he already knows. I mean, he was a great and powerful, honourably immense dragon. They knew all the things.

    Maybe he only wished to further practice in his exquisite use of this primitive monkey-talk-?...

    "Magnificent Dragon Master Yao... This one will elucidate." More strangely dramatic tones. "Honourable Human shortnames Myf and Meg were most quick in discovering Honourable Magistrate Zheng. In turn, Honourable Magistrate Zheng had been most quick in discovering that not honourable murdering pirates were discovering slaves in his people, and honourable ghosts were discovering not being honourable ghosts. These are the most important discoveries that were discovered..."

    Akaiji stopped for a moment. And stared. Stared at Yao.

    "...Vast apologies, great one... Is this humble one being incorrect in his endeavours of ill confusion?"

    ...He... He did it? The crab knew when he was being confusing! Somebody get some fireworks in here!

    "Paid for boat. Made contact with the weeds once more. Made a skilled smashing of the fortress and the pirates. Made of caverns. Six slaves but could be more. Strangely, poor choices for slaves, even considering primates. Most confusing. One commented that her brain and the brain of all her related females could see the futures and talk with the other brains. Most confusing." He shrugged. Those whiskers were ticking like clockwork. "A pagoda castle house. We smashed with skill also. Two leaders, and then one. We sat on the wizard, vicariously, until he informed us of a muscular female dog with a mask and a list of people she wanted. Most, most confusing. Her name was Hong. Had some relation to Shang Lao of Zhaoge. Relation unclear. Wizard being sat on was not effective in his projection of information. He was a dirty dirty horrible disguising honourable softskin thing, I said so, and prospected that we should stabulate it. Magistrate Zheng may or may not have carried out such a task. Most confusing."

    "Honourable non-primate with awkward meat lumps alchemist Hui endeavoured to accompany us upon our conquest of the second problem. She was most helpful, but she did not have any insight into the strange operations of the inn. She also did not have any more information on the terrible abominations designated unholy Blobadoo and repugnant Squiglers. She did undestroy my face, however, and that was most appreciated. The woman at the in had the face long squishy tentacles of a mollusc instead of the hard pointy inside face tentacles of a human. Most repugnant. The necromancer was a stone that this one destroyed. Most confusing. It contained the Blobadoo. Most repugnant. Gave the smaller stone to honourable human Ganzorig. Most flammable."

    "These were... confusing events... my great honourable master. Apologies."
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