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    (PPG Fanfic) Him's Portrait

    Yes, it's Powerpuff Girls. They're awesome. I would write an original story, but I feel I'm not ready. Practice makes perfect, like they say.

    My sister has been helping me by listening to suggestions. Most PPG fanfic writers suck and write the same pairings. She's helped me by not being like them.

    So... yeah. This is the prologue.


    It was so… so… strange, floating around in nothingness.

    At first I didn't really mind. I mean, I didn't think I was going to be there for very long. My sisters were sure to rescue me from this place in the very immediate future. We were sisters, so they had to come get me. That’s what sisters are supposed to do, right? They loved me... well, I thought they did. I refused to believe that they didn't. So, while I waited for their arrival, I focussed on keeping myself busy. I flew in circles, millions and millions of times, but I remained as alone as ever. Not that I thought much about it. I was so sure that they would come and save me from this horrible place sooner or later.

    But they didn't.

    I came to that conclusion after a while. And when I say a while, I mean a long while. Who knew how much time passed while I was trapped there? I didn’t seem to age or grow old. My body remained just like it had been when I had first appeared there.

    Disheartened and hurt, I made out to myself that I didn't care I was all alone. Why would I need my uncaring sisters? They were useless. I imagined my own family, one that actually liked me. My sisters, my father and I went to the shops... we went to school and we went to the beach… We went to so many places that I began to see through the game. I realised that it wasn't real; I realised that I couldn't lie to myself anymore. So I stopped imagining them, deciding to wait for the real them to come. What else could I have done?

    They weren't coming… they weren't coming… they weren't coming…

    I gave up hoping that they were going to retrieve me once more. Surely, if they were going to, they would have saved me by now. I sometimes dreamed that a giant hand would reach out of the emptiness, picking me up before taking me out of this plane of nonexistence. They would hold me in their arms like a baby, telling me that they loved me and they were never going to let me go. They would take me home with them and they would read me bedtime stories. I would go to school, get a job and have children. I would be able to live a proper life like my sisters.

    It wasn't fair!

    I took my own initiative, trying to find a way out by myself. My patience had worn thin and I figured that I didn't need any help. Desperate, I flew upwards, higher and higher, but I didn't reach any sort of door or exit. I didn't even know if I was moving because the background didn't appear to change. It was white. Never-ending white that went on and on until my head hurt.

    Changing tactic slightly, I tried going forward: zooming at the fastest speed I could go. Unfortunately, much like before, I didn't seem to be making any sort of progress.

    I gave up, frustrated, taking out my anger on the only thing there- myself. I punched myself, I kicked myself and I ripped out my hair. Then I became distressed because I had resulted to mindless violence. After doing that, I would fly off in the hope I would find a way to escape. It never worked, of course. The circle went on and on and on and on and on and-

    It was their fault!

    My sorrow turned into anger. It wasn't fair. I didn't deserve to be there. It wasn't like I had asked to be taken to that terrible location. I had been whisked away without consent, without an argument on my behalf. My sisters should have rescued me, seeing as it was their fault I was there. Now, whenever I thought about my family, I only saw rage and hate. I was being punished for something I didn't do. I was existing in nonexistence, the worst punishment anyone could ever dream of experiencing. There was no laughter or joy or any kind of foreseeable future; there was only isolation and pain and a future that contained nothing for me. Whenever I imagined my family, they were all distorted and blurred. I found that I couldn't imagine them; I couldn't imagine anything now. They had stolen the thing a child holds closest to their heart.

    Their imagination.

    I thought I would be there forever when fate decided to come across the horizon. By then I had seen the harsh truth that had danced around me. No one loved me. No one pitied me. I had been a speck of dirt on the world and had been brushed away. Brushed away with no regret and consequently forgotten. I had been a novelty, a toy for them to play with until they grew bored.

    That is why when I was moping around, as usual, I jumped when a voice moaned, "Hello?”

    There was no way I could have made it up, yet I was the only being there. It made no sense. I strained my ears until they nearly exploded, yearning to hear the voice once more. Spoken language had become alien to me and I was craved to hear it.

    After a few minutes, I decided that it must have been me being paranoid and desperate. I continued drifting along, sinking back into my everlasting routine of doing absolutely nothing.

    "Hello? Is anyone here?"

    There was definitely a voice, I was certain of it. I couldn’t have imagined it twice. The first time had been unbelievable. I raised my head silently, not daring to move. It seemed to have gone once more. Had the voice's owner given up? Should I have called out to it? Had this been my final chance?

    I floated away, thinking to myself how that voice had been the highlight of my time there. Though to be honest, that wasn't really saying much. It wasn't as if anything interesting ever happened there.

    "Are you deaf? I said hello!" the voice snapped, its politeness suddenly turning into anger.

    A head materialized in front of me. I gasped, leaping back. It was scarlet red: as red as blood, with piercing lime coloured eyes. Beneath them were two rosy pink cheeks, as big as satellites on the large bodiless cranium. On the end of its pointed chin, which was as sharp as its long elflike ears, was a small black goatee. It poked out of its red skin like a small plant shoot, curling at the end. The back of its head looked like it was glued to a large lump of pink candyfloss.

    The head bared its teeth, revealing pearly white daggers.

    I squeaked, backing away and holding out my arms.

    It furrowed its thin eyebrows in frustration. "Can you hear me, or are you just stupid?"

    I nodded my head furiously, my voice box withered and dry from lack of use. Even if it had been healthy, I wasn't sure whether I remembered how to talk. I hoped that the floating head would understand that I could hear it perfectly well.

    "Oh, so you can hear me." The head smirked. "Please allow me to… uh, get comfortable. We have a lot to discuss."

    I watched in horror and awe as tentacles shot out of the bottom of the head, twisting and turning. They clumped together to form a pair of arms, a stomach… soon there was an entire body beneath it. Black boots emerged from the bottom of its legs, creeping upwards and ending just below its torso, where there was now a ring of candyfloss-like material, not unlike the fluffy substance behind its head. The creature was wearing a red dress that was a deeper shade than its skin, fastened with a coal black belt. It shrunk so it no longer towered over me, but it didn’t really make me feel any braver. I just stared at it, wondering whether it wanted to hurt me.

    It snapped its pincers, which it bore instead of hands. I struggled to determine the creature’s gender. Sometimes its voice was feminine, like it had just been, but when it had become angry it had sounded male. I decided that for now, I would simply think of the red individual as an 'it'.

    "There, now we can get… ah, personal," it said, admiring its body. Its claws slid down it. "You're one of the Powerpuff Girls, aren't you?"

    Was I one after what had happened? I wasn't sure but I nodded anyway.

    "Ah, yes. My, hasn't it been ages?" The red person laughed, each note sending a chill down my spine. "We sure did have fun, didn't we? It's a shame that my fun had to be ruined every single time."

    The last part oozed with hate and the same emotion washed over its red face. It was only for a second, however; soon its expression relaxed. The creature smiled at me, holding out a pincer. I didn't know what to do, or even if I was expected to do anything, so I just acknowledged it with a smile.

    "Don't just stand there looking gormless." The red person shook its pincer furiously. "Do you want to get out of here or not?"

    I started, grabbing hold of its pincer promptly. I held on tightly, not wanting to let go. This was perhaps my only chance of getting the freedom I so badly yearned for. The red person grinned at my eagerness to follow. It flew upwards, me still attached to its pincer, before going through a swirling pool of colour that just suddenly appeared. I closed my eyes, thinking that I would get wet, but I was on the other side in a matter of moments, completely dry.

    It was hard to take in so quickly. I blinked rapidly, not used to the many colours I could now see. My body trembled uncontrollably, not used to the many people I could now see. The red person either didn't see my nervousness or just didn't care. It giggled, finding my fear amusing. I smiled back, not wanting it to think that it had offended me. I wanted to be on good terms with my rescuer, seeing as it had saved me from that… that place.

    "You don't need to be so cowardly, Powerpuff, they can't see you," it said, jerking its head towards a collection of people. To prove this, the red person swung its arm at a nearby man's head. I thought that it would slice it in two and flinched, but the red person's arm went through his head without leaving a single mark.

    The man didn't react, walking at the same steady pace as before. I looked at the red person questioningly.

    It rolled its eyes before explaining, "We're not really here, silly. Let me see… how can I phrase this so an incompetent child like you can understand…? Hm... All right.” It nodded to itself. “We're here spiritually. We're like a pair of ghosts. You can do whatever you want, but none of your actions will affect the living world."

    I nodded, bitterly disappointed. Being on Earth was a nice change, but it made me long for a life even more than before. It was like watching a football match when you could be in it scoring goals. I didn't really want to be on this planet anymore, but I didn't want to go back to where I had been before…

    "I bet you're wondering what your sisters have been up to," said the red person, studying my face interestedly.

    I nodded, wondering wherever we were going to go see them. Not that I wanted to see them or anything. Not after they had neglected me and left it to someone else to collect me… but I supposed it wouldn't hurt, and I wasn't going to say no to a visit.

    It nodded before spiralling into the air. I went after it, seeing that I could still fly.

    "Your sisters continued life without you… beating up villains before returning home in time for dinner,” it said with a hint of bitterness. “They never gave you a second thought. They thought that you had disgraced them and what they stood for; they didn't want to think of you as their sister. They didn't want to think about you because it reminded them how they had failed you and caused your death. For a group of superheroes, they really didn't live up to my expectations in regards to you…

    So they grew up, went to school… they had their fair share of crushes too. Just like normal, filthy human girls. They went out with those good-for-nothing Rowdyruffs for a year, before growing sick of them and dumping them. I watched it happen… it was hilarious. The boys acted like they didn't care but as soon as they got home they cried like little babies. Tee hee hee… where was I? Oh yes, I remember.

    The monsters began to take the hint; they weren't wanted in Townsville. Their population had dropped to a critical point and the increased power of the girls meant that they were going to die out in a matter of weeks. So they gave up, going to other places and trying to build up their population there. By the time they had reached a safe number, they had forgotten all about this strange little city. I always knew those monsters had a very short attention span.

    After that, us super villains began to take more of a beating. There were fewer emergencies so the girls put more power into the fights they did have. So we gave up on crime, tired of the pain they inflicted upon us every time. That left the normal criminals to do all the law-breaking. The Police were able to contain it eventually, believe it or not. This meant that the girls had nothing to do, so they focused on their education and getting good jobs."

    I nodded, a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. School? Crushes? Jobs? Surely my sisters were too young to have these sorts of things. They were only five when we had been a team. Adults had those sorts of things, and my sisters would have rescued me long before they had reached such an age… right? RIGHT?

    "How old are they now?" said the red person, like it had read my mind. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had. It pulled a face, though I was sure it knew how old my sisters were now. I think it was just playing with me. "Ah yes… they're thirty, if my mind isn't playing tricks on me."

    "NO!" I shouted, the exclamation escaping my damaged throat. I shook my head, not believing it… not wanting to believe it… They couldn't be that age… they loved me… I was their sister! They couldn't have forgotten about me and moved on in life… could they? Tears filled my eyes as realization dawned onto me. I sniffled, too upset to wipe the tears away.

    My sisters… had really, truly cast me aside like trash.

    "You can talk after all," the red person remarked, sounding satisfied. "Yes… your goody-goody sisters never tried to find you in twenty-five years. Pathetic, isn't it? I wouldn't allow them to get away with that if I was you. What a cruel, heartless thing they did… I would want revenge. Do you want revenge?"

    I didn't move.

    "That's why I brought you here," said the red person, its voice sickly sweet. "To make a little deal. I can pull a few strings and bring you back to life. Of course, I would age you so that you were the same age as them. We don't want you to be at a disadvantage. A small girl fighting fully grown women really wouldn't be fair… and I know what condition you were in before your death... I would fix that too, as I'm so nice. I only ask for one thing."

    It held out its pincer.

    "Help me destroy the Powerpuff Girls."

    They were my sisters and I loved them.

    They were my sisters and I hated them.

    They cared for me, they hurt me, they loved me, they forgot me.

    Call it a deal with the devil, but it was the deal of a lifetime.

    I beamed at it, holding out my hand. It laughed, taking it in its own, tossing back its head.

    "I am Him, and soon the Powerpuff Girls will be no more!"

    I didn't find His laugh scary anymore. Now… it was reassuring.
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