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    (PPG Fanfic) Him's Portrait

    Yes, it's Powerpuff Girls. They're awesome. I would write an original story, but I feel I'm not ready. Practice makes perfect, like they say.

    My sister has been helping me by listening to suggestions. Most PPG fanfic writers suck and write the same pairings. She's helped me by not being like them.

    So... yeah. This is the prologue.


    It was so… so… strange, floating around in nothingness.

    At first I didn't really mind. I mean, I didn't think I was going to be there for very long. My sisters were sure to rescue me from this place in the very immediate future. We were sisters, so they had to come get me. That’s what sisters are supposed to do, right? They loved me... well, I thought they did. I refused to believe that they didn't. So, while I waited for their arrival, I focussed on keeping myself busy. I flew in circles, millions and millions of times, but I remained as alone as ever. Not that I thought much about it. I was so sure that they would come and save me from this horrible place sooner or later.

    But they didn't.

    I came to that conclusion after a while. And when I say a while, I mean a long while. Who knew how much time passed while I was trapped there? I didn’t seem to age or grow old. My body remained just like it had been when I had first appeared there.

    Disheartened and hurt, I made out to myself that I didn't care I was all alone. Why would I need my uncaring sisters? They were useless. I imagined my own family, one that actually liked me. My sisters, my father and I went to the shops... we went to school and we went to the beach… We went to so many places that I began to see through the game. I realised that it wasn't real; I realised that I couldn't lie to myself anymore. So I stopped imagining them, deciding to wait for the real them to come. What else could I have done?

    They weren't coming… they weren't coming… they weren't coming…

    I gave up hoping that they were going to retrieve me once more. Surely, if they were going to, they would have saved me by now. I sometimes dreamed that a giant hand would reach out of the emptiness, picking me up before taking me out of this plane of nonexistence. They would hold me in their arms like a baby, telling me that they loved me and they were never going to let me go. They would take me home with them and they would read me bedtime stories. I would go to school, get a job and have children. I would be able to live a proper life like my sisters.

    It wasn't fair!

    I took my own initiative, trying to find a way out by myself. My patience had worn thin and I figured that I didn't need any help. Desperate, I flew upwards, higher and higher, but I didn't reach any sort of door or exit. I didn't even know if I was moving because the background didn't appear to change. It was white. Never-ending white that went on and on until my head hurt.

    Changing tactic slightly, I tried going forward: zooming at the fastest speed I could go. Unfortunately, much like before, I didn't seem to be making any sort of progress.

    I gave up, frustrated, taking out my anger on the only thing there- myself. I punched myself, I kicked myself and I ripped out my hair. Then I became distressed because I had resulted to mindless violence. After doing that, I would fly off in the hope I would find a way to escape. It never worked, of course. The circle went on and on and on and on and on and-

    It was their fault!

    My sorrow turned into anger. It wasn't fair. I didn't deserve to be there. It wasn't like I had asked to be taken to that terrible location. I had been whisked away without consent, without an argument on my behalf. My sisters should have rescued me, seeing as it was their fault I was there. Now, whenever I thought about my family, I only saw rage and hate. I was being punished for something I didn't do. I was existing in nonexistence, the worst punishment anyone could ever dream of experiencing. There was no laughter or joy or any kind of foreseeable future; there was only isolation and pain and a future that contained nothing for me. Whenever I imagined my family, they were all distorted and blurred. I found that I couldn't imagine them; I couldn't imagine anything now. They had stolen the thing a child holds closest to their heart.

    Their imagination.

    I thought I would be there forever when fate decided to come across the horizon. By then I had seen the harsh truth that had danced around me. No one loved me. No one pitied me. I had been a speck of dirt on the world and had been brushed away. Brushed away with no regret and consequently forgotten. I had been a novelty, a toy for them to play with until they grew bored.

    That is why when I was moping around, as usual, I jumped when a voice moaned, "Hello?”

    There was no way I could have made it up, yet I was the only being there. It made no sense. I strained my ears until they nearly exploded, yearning to hear the voice once more. Spoken language had become alien to me and I was craved to hear it.

    After a few minutes, I decided that it must have been me being paranoid and desperate. I continued drifting along, sinking back into my everlasting routine of doing absolutely nothing.

    "Hello? Is anyone here?"

    There was definitely a voice, I was certain of it. I couldn’t have imagined it twice. The first time had been unbelievable. I raised my head silently, not daring to move. It seemed to have gone once more. Had the voice's owner given up? Should I have called out to it? Had this been my final chance?

    I floated away, thinking to myself how that voice had been the highlight of my time there. Though to be honest, that wasn't really saying much. It wasn't as if anything interesting ever happened there.

    "Are you deaf? I said hello!" the voice snapped, its politeness suddenly turning into anger.

    A head materialized in front of me. I gasped, leaping back. It was scarlet red: as red as blood, with piercing lime coloured eyes. Beneath them were two rosy pink cheeks, as big as satellites on the large bodiless cranium. On the end of its pointed chin, which was as sharp as its long elflike ears, was a small black goatee. It poked out of its red skin like a small plant shoot, curling at the end. The back of its head looked like it was glued to a large lump of pink candyfloss.

    The head bared its teeth, revealing pearly white daggers.

    I squeaked, backing away and holding out my arms.

    It furrowed its thin eyebrows in frustration. "Can you hear me, or are you just stupid?"

    I nodded my head furiously, my voice box withered and dry from lack of use. Even if it had been healthy, I wasn't sure whether I remembered how to talk. I hoped that the floating head would understand that I could hear it perfectly well.

    "Oh, so you can hear me." The head smirked. "Please allow me to… uh, get comfortable. We have a lot to discuss."

    I watched in horror and awe as tentacles shot out of the bottom of the head, twisting and turning. They clumped together to form a pair of arms, a stomach… soon there was an entire body beneath it. Black boots emerged from the bottom of its legs, creeping upwards and ending just below its torso, where there was now a ring of candyfloss-like material, not unlike the fluffy substance behind its head. The creature was wearing a red dress that was a deeper shade than its skin, fastened with a coal black belt. It shrunk so it no longer towered over me, but it didn’t really make me feel any braver. I just stared at it, wondering whether it wanted to hurt me.

    It snapped its pincers, which it bore instead of hands. I struggled to determine the creature’s gender. Sometimes its voice was feminine, like it had just been, but when it had become angry it had sounded male. I decided that for now, I would simply think of the red individual as an 'it'.

    "There, now we can get… ah, personal," it said, admiring its body. Its claws slid down it. "You're one of the Powerpuff Girls, aren't you?"

    Was I one after what had happened? I wasn't sure but I nodded anyway.

    "Ah, yes. My, hasn't it been ages?" The red person laughed, each note sending a chill down my spine. "We sure did have fun, didn't we? It's a shame that my fun had to be ruined every single time."

    The last part oozed with hate and the same emotion washed over its red face. It was only for a second, however; soon its expression relaxed. The creature smiled at me, holding out a pincer. I didn't know what to do, or even if I was expected to do anything, so I just acknowledged it with a smile.

    "Don't just stand there looking gormless." The red person shook its pincer furiously. "Do you want to get out of here or not?"

    I started, grabbing hold of its pincer promptly. I held on tightly, not wanting to let go. This was perhaps my only chance of getting the freedom I so badly yearned for. The red person grinned at my eagerness to follow. It flew upwards, me still attached to its pincer, before going through a swirling pool of colour that just suddenly appeared. I closed my eyes, thinking that I would get wet, but I was on the other side in a matter of moments, completely dry.

    It was hard to take in so quickly. I blinked rapidly, not used to the many colours I could now see. My body trembled uncontrollably, not used to the many people I could now see. The red person either didn't see my nervousness or just didn't care. It giggled, finding my fear amusing. I smiled back, not wanting it to think that it had offended me. I wanted to be on good terms with my rescuer, seeing as it had saved me from that… that place.

    "You don't need to be so cowardly, Powerpuff, they can't see you," it said, jerking its head towards a collection of people. To prove this, the red person swung its arm at a nearby man's head. I thought that it would slice it in two and flinched, but the red person's arm went through his head without leaving a single mark.

    The man didn't react, walking at the same steady pace as before. I looked at the red person questioningly.

    It rolled its eyes before explaining, "We're not really here, silly. Let me see… how can I phrase this so an incompetent child like you can understand…? Hm... All right.” It nodded to itself. “We're here spiritually. We're like a pair of ghosts. You can do whatever you want, but none of your actions will affect the living world."

    I nodded, bitterly disappointed. Being on Earth was a nice change, but it made me long for a life even more than before. It was like watching a football match when you could be in it scoring goals. I didn't really want to be on this planet anymore, but I didn't want to go back to where I had been before…

    "I bet you're wondering what your sisters have been up to," said the red person, studying my face interestedly.

    I nodded, wondering wherever we were going to go see them. Not that I wanted to see them or anything. Not after they had neglected me and left it to someone else to collect me… but I supposed it wouldn't hurt, and I wasn't going to say no to a visit.

    It nodded before spiralling into the air. I went after it, seeing that I could still fly.

    "Your sisters continued life without you… beating up villains before returning home in time for dinner,” it said with a hint of bitterness. “They never gave you a second thought. They thought that you had disgraced them and what they stood for; they didn't want to think of you as their sister. They didn't want to think about you because it reminded them how they had failed you and caused your death. For a group of superheroes, they really didn't live up to my expectations in regards to you…

    So they grew up, went to school… they had their fair share of crushes too. Just like normal, filthy human girls. They went out with those good-for-nothing Rowdyruffs for a year, before growing sick of them and dumping them. I watched it happen… it was hilarious. The boys acted like they didn't care but as soon as they got home they cried like little babies. Tee hee hee… where was I? Oh yes, I remember.

    The monsters began to take the hint; they weren't wanted in Townsville. Their population had dropped to a critical point and the increased power of the girls meant that they were going to die out in a matter of weeks. So they gave up, going to other places and trying to build up their population there. By the time they had reached a safe number, they had forgotten all about this strange little city. I always knew those monsters had a very short attention span.

    After that, us super villains began to take more of a beating. There were fewer emergencies so the girls put more power into the fights they did have. So we gave up on crime, tired of the pain they inflicted upon us every time. That left the normal criminals to do all the law-breaking. The Police were able to contain it eventually, believe it or not. This meant that the girls had nothing to do, so they focused on their education and getting good jobs."

    I nodded, a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. School? Crushes? Jobs? Surely my sisters were too young to have these sorts of things. They were only five when we had been a team. Adults had those sorts of things, and my sisters would have rescued me long before they had reached such an age… right? RIGHT?

    "How old are they now?" said the red person, like it had read my mind. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had. It pulled a face, though I was sure it knew how old my sisters were now. I think it was just playing with me. "Ah yes… they're thirty, if my mind isn't playing tricks on me."

    "NO!" I shouted, the exclamation escaping my damaged throat. I shook my head, not believing it… not wanting to believe it… They couldn't be that age… they loved me… I was their sister! They couldn't have forgotten about me and moved on in life… could they? Tears filled my eyes as realization dawned onto me. I sniffled, too upset to wipe the tears away.

    My sisters… had really, truly cast me aside like trash.

    "You can talk after all," the red person remarked, sounding satisfied. "Yes… your goody-goody sisters never tried to find you in twenty-five years. Pathetic, isn't it? I wouldn't allow them to get away with that if I was you. What a cruel, heartless thing they did… I would want revenge. Do you want revenge?"

    I didn't move.

    "That's why I brought you here," said the red person, its voice sickly sweet. "To make a little deal. I can pull a few strings and bring you back to life. Of course, I would age you so that you were the same age as them. We don't want you to be at a disadvantage. A small girl fighting fully grown women really wouldn't be fair… and I know what condition you were in before your death... I would fix that too, as I'm so nice. I only ask for one thing."

    It held out its pincer.

    "Help me destroy the Powerpuff Girls."

    They were my sisters and I loved them.

    They were my sisters and I hated them.

    They cared for me, they hurt me, they loved me, they forgot me.

    Call it a deal with the devil, but it was the deal of a lifetime.

    I beamed at it, holding out my hand. It laughed, taking it in its own, tossing back its head.

    "I am Him, and soon the Powerpuff Girls will be no more!"

    I didn't find His laugh scary anymore. Now… it was reassuring.
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    The City Of Townsville…

    Is under attack!

    We flew upwards, the wind whistling in our ears. The scaly red monster reared its head towards us, hearing our heavy panting. I heard Bubbles gasp quietly as it headed towards us, opening its mouth wide. Fire escaped its lips and ripped through the cloudless sky, racing towards us at an alarming speed. Fortunately, my sisters and I managed to roll out of the way in time. I felt its breath heat up the air near me, missing my body by inches. Safe, I glanced at my sisters and saw that they were unharmed as well. I exhaled in relief before zooming over to them.

    "Okay, girls, we need to come up with a plan," I said, brushing my hair out of my eyes. The monster closed its mouth prior to turning its head towards us. We flew up higher so we were out of its breath's range.

    "I have an idea. We go up to it and blow its head off," replied Buttercup, punching the palm of her hand. It was so typical of her, resorting to violence straight away. I bit back the retort I had in mind, knowing that it wouldn't help matters if I started an argument. It was my duty as their leader to maintain a positive attitude; it wouldn't do to start a fight amongst ourselves with a monster nearby. It was hard though, because Buttercup's ideas weren't exactly the best.

    I carefully chose my words. "No, Buttercup, that won't work. We tried doing that and it breathed fire before we could reach it. Also, its fire destroys our heat vision before it can touch it. We need to use our heads to defeat this monster."

    "What, are you saying that I don't use my head?" growled Buttercup, distorting my words as usual.

    "No, I never said that. I meant we should stop and think of a plan that we haven't tried yet."

    "Then why didn't you just say that in the first place?" asked Buttercup, refusing to admit she was in the wrong. She was far too stubborn for my liking, questioning and picking at everything I did and said. Buttercup always wanted things done her way, disliking it when we stopped to think things through. That was probably why we clashed so much.

    "Why don't we try asking it to leave?" suggested Bubbles. I knew she was trying to be helpful but Buttercup had irritated me, and I wasn't in the mood to put her idea down gently.

    "Bubbles, we have to be serious. It's not going to go away if we ask it to. The monsters don't come here only to be sent back to where they came from. Their sole purpose is to destroy Townsville. If monsters went away when asked then they wouldn't bother coming here in the first place."

    "Yeah, Bubbles, why don't you use that small brain of yours for once?" Buttercup sneered, more annoyed than I was. I was aware that Buttercup was agreeing with me, but she had upset Bubbles and I could see that our lovable sister was on the verge of tears. She always phrased things so they caused other people to feel bad. It was like she did it on purpose.

    My face reddened so it was the same colour as my bow, and I rounded on my green-eyed sister. "Hey, she was only trying to help, unlike some people."

    "Shut up," said Buttercup, unable to come up with a better argument.

    "No, you shut up," I shouted, flying in front of her so that we were face-to-face. It didn't look as though a rational conversation was going to get through to her.

    "No, you shut up!"

    "Um…" Bubbles eyed the monster, which had climbed up a tall building without us noticing. However, my sister and I were too distracted to take notice of it.

    "No, you shut up!"

    "No, you shut up!"

    "GUYS!" screamed Bubbles as the monster let out multiple balls of fire. She zoomed towards us, racing against the monster's fiery orbs. Buttercup and I turned at the last moment, seeing Bubbles go towards us, the fiery path of destruction right behind her. My naturally level head allowed me to dart out of the way, but Buttercup was still hovering, staring into the flame. She must have been in shock. Bubbles went towards her and reached out a hand before…

    "Ms Utonium, there is someone here wishing to see you."

    Blossom Utonium looked up from her desk, putting her pen down to rest on her notepad. She gazed seriously at the young redhead who was standing at the door of her office, a scowl on her lips. Blossom hated being disturbed and even though she knew it wasn't her secretary's fault, she couldn't help but feel annoyed at her.

    The two women, although they had matching hair colour, were not similar in many other ways. The woman at the door had small brown eyes that were heavily outlined with mascara. Blossom, who didn't wear makeup, had large circular pink eyes. The woman at the door's hair was poufy and went everywhere, while Blossom's was scraped back into a tight bun. The woman at the door wore a vibrant red suit, while Blossom was wearing a dull grey skirt with a white blouse over the top. They locked eyes for a moment, only for Blossom to look away shortly afterwards. Instead, she stared at the necklace around the woman's neck. Blossom was aware that her assistant lacked confidence and preferred not making direct eye contact for too long

    "Send her in, Lara." Blossom sighed, having a good idea who it was. These days it tended to be the same person each time. She reckoned that it was best to confront the problem head on rather than send it away… even if the issue wasn't hers.

    Lara nodded and stood to one side. As soon as she did so, another redhead stormed in. This one wobbled slightly in her insanely high heels, her black beady eyes firmly placed on Blossom. Blossom groaned inwardly, wondering what she wanted this time. She hoped that the new arrival had a valid reason for disrupting her, but Blossom wouldn't wager any money on this being correct. The reason was always the same, but a little bit of optimism never hurt anyone.

    "Hey Blossom," the woman slurred, leaning heavily on Blossom's desk. Blossom leaned back a bit, hiding her disgust. "I need… I need some cash."

    "Princess, for the last time I will not lend you any money," Blossom stated, pinching the skin between her eyes in frustration. "I can't just go around giving money out to everyone. We're not a charity. Now, please leave or else I will have to call security on you like last time."

    "But you're the Mayor!" Princess exclaimed, standing up straight but resting her hands on the desk as she nearly lost her balance in her precarious footwear. Blossom pulled out her wad of paper from beneath Princess' hands, far more interested in the papers than the conversation she was being forced to take part in. "You have like tonnes of money you could give me."

    Blossom frowned, trying not to lose her temper. It wouldn't have bothered her so much if Princess' attempts were far and in between. This was not the case, however. Recently, it had become a near daily occurrence and Blossom wasn't going to encourage it.

    "You spent all of your father's wealth within a year of his death, Princess. It is your fault that you have no money, not mine. Now leave; I am in the process of writing my autobiography."

    "Hey, you're writing an autobiothingy?" remarked Princess, either ignoring the first thing Blossom had said or not remembering what she had said due to her short attention span. "Wow, I always knew you were nerdy but writing a boring book about your life? That's so… so…" She blinked before grinning widely. "Hey, that means I'm going to be in it, right?"

    She toppled over, hitting the corner of the desk with her chin.

    Blossom jumped to her feet, peering down at Princess. She hoped that there wasn't a mark. Blossom had only had that carpet put down that week.

    Princess got to her feet slowly, unharmed. She continued talking as if nothing had happened. "If I'm going to be in it, you have to like pay me or else I'll sue you. And you don't have your silly sisters to help you anymore, do you? Not since you quit the Power-"

    "Lara." Blossom raised her voice angrily. Princess gasped, not used to seeing Blossom so furious. She was used to her being calm and patient. She wasn't used to her being irate and answering back to the personal comments Princess made about her. It looked like she had touched a nerve. "Inform security that Princess is here once more."

    Lara nodded, leaving the room.

    "You're kicking me out?" cried out Princess, turning around as Blossom's three security guards came in, Lara in tow. "Shows what kind of friend you are! No wonder your sisters hate you."

    The three security guards exchanged excited looks, smirking. The one on the far left had messy black hair and piercing green eyes, and he was vibrating slightly as though he wasn't able to keep still. The one in the middle had spiky orange hair that looked like it had been put into a blender, mostly hidden beneath a red baseball cap that was the same colour as his eyes. The last security guard, who was on the far right, had wavy blonde hair and innocent sky blue eyes, though it was hard to tell whether this innocence was naivety or stupidity. They chuckled at the tatty looking Princess, whose clothes were so short and revealing that she looked as though she was only half-dressed.

    Upon seeing them, she took a step back. Her face was pale and her freckles were very obvious.

    "Gently this time," said Blossom sternly, returning to her work.

    "Hey, you want her out or not?" Brick Jojo smirked, grabbing hold of Princess' arm. She shrieked but was nowhere near powerful enough to break free. The Rowdyruff Boys were as strong as Blossom and her sisters. "Anyway, Butch beat my record and I need to get it back."

    "Yeah, right." Butch rolled his eyes, doubting that his brother could throw Princess as far as he could.

    Boomer looked indignant. "But it's my turn. We agreed, remember?"

    "I lied." Brick shrugged. Princess, muttering loudly but incoherently, flailed her legs as she was dragged out of the room. Lara chased after them, walking at the same pace as them when she caught up. Blossom saw her take hold of Brick's arm and put her head near his, most likely whispering something. Brick turned his head and Blossom took in the seriousness his eyes portrayed. Having more important things to do, she pushed it to the back of her mind.

    Blossom tried to get back to work, but she couldn't concentrate. She kept writing down the wrong words, and jumbling up sentences to the extent that she couldn't remember what they were supposed to be in the first place. Blossom groaned, pushing her notepad to the side. She would continue it tomorrow when her mind was relaxed and settled. The woman stood up and crossed the room, taking her handbag and grey blazer from the coat peg. She glanced at the untouched black hat hanging on the peg next to her one. The previous Mayor had given her permission to wear it just before he died, but she couldn't bring herself to put it on.

    If you had asked Blossom when she was a child what career she aspired to have, she would have said a doctor instantly. This proved to be true as she was a doctor for a few years. She had been the most intelligent person in her high school; she soon went to university and qualified as a doctor. Within three months of landing a job, murmurs and rumours spread through Townsville's hospital, promising her promotions and salaries she had never thought of having.

    It was there where she was asked to talk to one of the hospital's newest patients; the Mayor.

    He had been diagnosed with an incurable cancer. She began to look after him, much like Ms Bellum had done before she had quit her job ten years prior so she could spend more time with her new love- her baby daughter, Lara. The doctor and patient became closer than ever before, sharing secrets and joking with one another. It was towards the end of his life that he asked her to take over as Mayor. She hadn't considered this as a career; however, she was willing to at least stand for election. For him. Blossom had been surprised at the amount of encouragement given to her by everyone, and she was even more surprised when most of the city voted for her. She gave up being a doctor and became Mayor.

    Blossom tore her eyes away from the memory and left her office. She could hear Lara talking on the phone behind her desk, telling someone (most likely Princess) that Blossom was too busy to talk to her at this moment in time. Giving her a grateful smile, she slipped out of the building and entered the enormous city of Townsville.

    The sun had crawled to its peak hours ago and was now falling back down in a westwards direction. Its premium temperature had been reached and the air was beginning to cool. The citizens were running past her, greeting their Mayor politely before returning to their lives. Blossom acknowledged every passer-by with a 'hello', never missing anyone out. She was known as courteous and respectful, and she wanted it to be kept that way.

    As soon as Blossom caught sight of the city's gym, she quickened her pace, ducking her head slightly at the same time. She was fully aware of who worked there and was in no rush to meet them. The pink eyed woman didn't slow down until the gym was far behind her: a tiny speck on the horizon. Then, she relaxed and continued the rest of her journey at a slower, steady pace.

    She reached her mansion, pausing in front of her oak door so she could find her keys. While her hand was buried in her handbag, she heard her cell phone begin to ring. Wondering who was calling her, Blossom took it out of her bag and peered at the screen. She didn't recognize who was calling her, but nonetheless she answered it and placed the phone against the side of her head.

    "Hey, Blossom, it's me. Mitch."

    "Oh. Hello, Mitch," she replied brightly, taking out her keys and walking into her large home. Blossom's butler took her blazer as she stepped out of her polished black shoes, slipping into a pair of comfortable pink slippers. She walked into the dining room, where she knew a dinner was waiting for her. "What have I done to deserve your attention? It's been ages since we last conversed."

    "Buttercup's been ignoring me recently," answered Mitch. He was straight to the point, as usual.

    "Oh?" said Blossom, all cheeriness leaving her voice.

    "Yeah, I was wondering whether you could ask her to call me back. I need to talk to her."

    Blossom sat down at her dinner table. It was very long, starting at one end of the room and finishing on the other. Her meal was in front of her: delicious Spaghetti Bolognese with a glass of milk tea. She knew it was rude to talk on the phone while at the table, but she thought it was even ruder to hang up without formally saying goodbye. She listened as Mitch complained, growing more bored by the second.

    "Look, Mitch," she piped when he paused for breath, "you know we haven't spoken since late December. If Buttercup isn't talking to you, then you're in the same club as me." Mitch protested but the pink eyed woman couldn't be asked to continue the conversation. "I know she's my sister; you don't have to remind me. Go ask Harry or Mike to talk to her because there's no way I am. Goodbye."

    She switched off her phone, looking down at her food without the faintest trace of hunger on her face. The day's events had stolen the urge to eat out of her stomach, and she yearned for something to distract her. Blossom couldn't bring herself to eat in silence. Alone… as usual.

    Her hands came forward, pushing the untouched meal away. She examined the room with a critical eye, wondering what she should do now. Nothing inspired her: the walls were bland and uncreative, the carpet plain and spotless. The more she looked at the elegant yet simple furniture surrounding her, the more she sunk into her own thoughts.

    A painting on a nearby wall caught her eye. It was perhaps ten years old, displaying a young girl. She grinned at Blossom innocently, her dark hair falling over her ears and ending at her shoulders. Her near black eyes stood out against her pale skin, wide and unblinking. She was wearing a pink frilly dress, which was far more dazzling than her small smile. A smile that told Blossom that she was willing to pose for the picture, but hating the clothes she had been forced to wear. Blossom giggled at the picture before realising what she could do.

    She went to her home phone and dialled a number, pressing the receiver against the side of her head. She waited patiently before hearing a male voice reply, "You have reached the Utonium household. This is John Utonium speaking."

    "Hello, Professor," said Blossom, suddenly feeling shy. A part of her urged the rest of her body to hang up.

    "Blossom!" He sounded so pleased to hear her voice that 'desperate' may have been a more suitable word. "Sweetie, how are you? I haven't seen you since-" he stopped just in time, "I haven't seen you in ages."

    "I'm fine," answered Blossom, pretending that he had said nothing that should worry her. "Absolutely fine. How's Ms Keane- I mean, how is Mrs Utonium and Brunnera?"

    "They're fine," the Professor told her warmly. "Brunnera's been up to her usual tricks. She got into a bit of trouble at school recently because someone had offended her and she punched them. She's taken after Buttercup, which I'm not sure is a good thing. She really could do with a better role model."

    Blossom ignored the suggestive tone in his voice.

    "You and Mrs Utonium really have your hands full with her, don't you?" commented Blossom, trying to sound interested.

    "Buttercup was worse." The Professor laughed. Blossom gulped, her heart pinging. "I had you three all at once, so I think I can deal with one normal daughter… hey, speaking of which, when am I going to get a granddaughter?"

    "Professor…" Blossom blushed, remembering the past. "I told you, I'm waiting for the right man to come along. And trust me; I'm not looking insanely hard."

    "Oh, darling," the Professor tried to sound serious, but she could tell he was forcing himself not to laugh, "the speed dating incident was a one-off. I'm sure it won't happen again."

    "Hey baby," said a sleazy looking man from the other side of the table, his hands inching towards Blossom's chest, "what's your sign?"

    "Keep out," retorted Blossom coldly, doing up her top button before going to the next table.

    "Hey Bloss-" started Brick, but Blossom had already skipped him and was sitting at the next table.

    "It is I, Mojo Jojo. I have come to this strange human dating ritual to find a suitable partner, which I do not have, or else I wouldn't be here to find one. My demands are very simple. I require two sponge baths per day. Not one, not three, two. It is very easy to understand, my demands. I also wish for my partner to enjoy long yellow fruit, which are bananas, for they are yellow and they are fruit. Also they are long. Pineapples are acceptable, but they are not very yellow, like bananas, and- hey, where are you going?"

    Blossom sat down at the next table.

    "Duh…" said Slim, drooling slightly. "Why are we here again?"

    "We're going to trick her into giving us the key to the city," explained Junior, the smallest member of the gang.

    "You idiot, now she knows our plan," snapped Bossman, whacking Junior on the head.

    "Hey, it's not like she can hear us. She don't have no ears or nothing!"

    "Thanks, Professor, but I'm just going to focus on my career for now," said Blossom. "Well, while I'm speaking to you… could you please contact Bubbles and tell her that I'm sorry for... that I'm sorry. I would call her myself, but I don't think she would like to acquaint herself with me right now."

    "I'm sure she would. Bubbles could never hate you, no matter what you do. She loves you."

    "Sorry, Professor, I can't hear you," Blossom lied, feeling a pang in her stomach. "Pzzt… I think… We're losing connection for some reason… Please tell Bubbles I am sorry… pzzt… Bye, love you lots!"

    She hung up, looking out of the window. Blossom didn't know if her relationship with her family was a normal side effect of growing up. They had been very close years ago, but age had split them up. It had untied the bonds they had owned as youngsters before dropping them onto the ground and treading on them.

    Blossom shook her head, telling herself to stop being so daft.

    It was normal for this to happen…


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    I feel kindof ashamed that I sat here and read a powerpuff story -.-''

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    "Shut up," said Buttercup, unable to come up with a better argument.

    "No, you shut up," I shouted, flying in front of her so that we were face-to-face. It didn't look as though a rational conversation was going to get through to her.

    "No, you shut up!"

    "Um…" Bubbles eyed the monster, which had climbed up a tall building without us noticing. However, my sister and I were too distracted to take notice of it.

    "No, you shut up!"

    "No, you shut up!"

    "GUYS!" screamed Bubbles as the monster let out multiple balls of fire. She zoomed towards us, racing against the monster's fiery orbs. Buttercup and I turned at the last moment, seeing Bubbles go towards us, as well as the fiery path of destruction. My naturally level head allowed me to dart out of the way, but Buttercup was still hovering, staring into the flame. She must have been in shock. Bubbles went towards her and reached out her hand before…

    … pushing her out of the way in the nick of time. I gasped, feeling the flames in the air next to my right arm. Buttercup had been so close to getting burnt alive… too close for my liking. I gave Bubbles a grateful smile while Buttercup ignored her, like she hadn't saved her life. It was very typical of her to not show any emotions other than anger.

    I looked at the monster, which was sniffing the air and shaking its head maddeningly. Then, I turned to the others. "We need to come up with a plan. It has to have some form of weakness… but what?"

    "But nothing!" Buttercup shouted. "All we have to do is hit it 'til it explodes!"

    "Buttercup, we need to come up with a plan," I snapped. I couldn't think properly with her making stupid comments all the time.

    "I think Blossom has a point," Bubbles piped up. "I mean, it keeps breathing fire on us every time we get close to it."

    Buttercup narrowed her eyes. "Oh, shut up, Bubbles. You're not helping. I bet we would have defeated it by now if you weren't blabbering all the time!"

    "Buttercup!" I shouted over Bubbles' wailing. "Say sorry!"

    "Make me!" retorted Buttercup, crossing her arms. "You ain't the boss of me."

    Bubbles pushed past me and flew away, heading towards the monster. I don't think she knew where she was going; her sadness had blocked out all common sense. The monster turned its head in her direction, aiming its next attack at her.

    "Bubbles!" we shouted as the fire came out of its mouth. I zoomed forward and-

    Falling to their knees, the men feebly wiped the sweat off their foreheads. The room was blazing hot, their skin feeling like it was covered in painful blisters. They looked up at their instructor pleadingly, hoping that she would find it in her heart to let them take a small break. Their limbs felt like they weren't attached to the rest of their bodies, and they thought that if they were driven any harder they would collapse.

    Their instructor looked down at them, disgusted and disappointed. Her hair was black and spiky, not quite reaching her shoulders while at the same time not looking too girly. She was quite slim and looked far weaker than she actually was. Fuming, she glared at the men with narrowed green eyes, daring them to beg for mercy. When they remained silent, she chose one of them and lifted him off the ground. Icily, she asked, "Did I say that you could stop?"

    He bit his tongue, gazing at her in fear. He didn't know what to say. He had the feeling that she would get mad no matter what he said. Going by this logic, he decided that he may as well voice his thoughts. "No, but… I'm exhausted. Please… can't I rest for… a few minutes?"

    His answer was a kick in the face. He hit the wall opposite, groaning as he slivered down it slowly. The men's fitness instructor was still standing in front of him, having moved without anyone noticing. She sneered, "I didn't say stop," before going back to the others, lighting a cigarette and sticking it into her mouth.

    Buttercup Utonium was not in a good mood.

    Then again, she was rarely in a good mood.

    She looked at them, thinking about how pathetic they looked. Buttercup hadn't even broken a sweat, yet they gave the impression that they had just trekked through the Sahara Desert wearing a suit made out of fire. She held out one arm to the side, shaking her cigarette, before turning away from them and saying, "I will let you go home if you defeat me in a fight."

    The men looked at each other in fear, glancing at the man who was sitting against the wall, groaning in pain.

    "All of you against me." She faced them again, jabbing her hand against her chest.

    This seemed more promising and the men got to their feet. One by one, they began running at her, aiming their fist at her face. She smirked, dodging their attacks easily. The men who had been members of the club for a long time stayed where they were, for they knew better than to try and fight her. Just as they had expected, the men who tried to hurt her joined her first victim on the floor in a matter of seconds.

    Buttercup closed her eyes. She longed for a day when someone defeated her in battle. "What the hell, you're all dismissed."

    She reopened her eyes only to find that they had gone. The door leading out of the gym slammed shut, leaving her by herself. She smirked, grabbing a towel from the pile in the corner and departing from the room. Buttercup went down the short corridor, stopping outside the girl's shower room. She checked to see whether it was empty, and seeing that it was, went inside and undressed quickly. Buttercup wasn't ashamed of her body in the slightest. She knew she had a good figure, but she felt uncomfortable being naked around people she didn't trust. It made her feel vulnerable. On the other hand, she didn't want to go home smelling of sweat. She cared at least that much about her appearance.

    Buttercup stepped into one of the stalls and began washing herself, humming quietly. The tiles were freezing against her feet, but they were like lava compared to the rain coming out of the showerhead. She groaned, but it wasn't in pain. The icy water was soothing on her hot skin. She squirted shampoo onto her hair and rubbed it in, relaxed. This was one of the only times when she was calm and stress-free.

    She was out of the shower in ten minutes. Buttercup dried herself quickly with her towel, wrapping a smaller green towel (that had been her blanket as a child) around her head. By the time she was dry and dressed, no one had come into the shower room. She wasn't surprised; her gym was considered too 'tough' for the females of the city.

    Refreshed, Buttercup stuffed her sweaty gym suit into her duffel bag and left, now wearing a bright green tracksuit. She let the door close loudly behind her, walking down the corridor. She signed out at reception prior to leaving the building, breathing in the afternoon air. Buttercup was tempted to fly home, but the weather was so pleasant that she decided to walk. She liked the exercise, anyway.

    Townsville had hardly changed from when she was five years old. The buildings had obviously been rebuilt since then, having been destroyed by a monster at some point in time. However, the attitudes of the citizens were exactly the same. They walked along, moving their arms excitedly and beaming at everyone they passed. They even smiled at Buttercup, despite the fact that she didn't smile back.

    "Hey, hey, excuse me?" a voice sang out. It made Buttercup's eye twitch, it was so high and sickly sweet. She didn't know the exclamation was directed at her until she felt a tap on her back.

    "What?" asked Buttercup, turning her head irritably.

    A woman was standing behind her, smiling. She had milk tea brown hair, which had been messily put into a ponytail. Buttercup couldn't see what colour her eyes were as the woman was wearing ridiculously large sunglasses. She had a plaster placed on her nose and was wearing thick white gloves, even though it was summer. Buttercup cast her eyes down her body, pulling a face at the tie-dyed t-shirt the woman was wearing like a dress, and the baggy jean she was wearing on her legs.

    Buttercup narrowed her eyes. She hated hippies.

    "You're Buttercup, aren't you?" the woman exclaimed, beaming at her. "You're one of the Powerpuff Girls."

    "I was a Powerpuff Girl," corrected Buttercup coldly, "but not anymore."

    She made to go away, but the woman was persistent. She took hold of a handful of Buttercup's sleeve. Pleasantly, the stranger said, "I was good friends with someone who knew you. They said such amazing things about you and your sisters, I'm not sure whether they're true or not. I would love it if you could tell me about some stuff from your childhood."

    "Go find your friend and ask her. I don't care." Buttercup removed her sleeve from the woman's hand and started to go away.

    "I could, but you were always my favourite Powerpuff Girl," the woman replied, tilting her head to one side beseechingly. "I would love to hear it all from you. You were far better than the pink one… Brandy, was it?"

    "No, but you're close," Buttercup told her, smirking. She stopped walking. "Okay, I'll answer your questions, just 'cos you put me in a good mood."

    The woman punched the air. "Great! How about we go to that little café over there? I'll pay." She pointed at a small building. It had a shabby brown roof and the outside walls were a dark green. It wasn't the kind of place Buttercup would ever go to, but she decided that she had nothing better to do. Besides, the woman said she would pay.

    They walked in. Buttercup had hoped that the inside would be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it wasn't. There were a few tables scattered across the room, most of them occupied by elderly women. She pulled a horrified face as they sat down at the table next to the window. Buttercup hoped no one who knew her walked by… especially any of her colleagues. She had a reputation to keep and it wasn't 'tea drinking loser'.

    "What would you like?" an old woman asked them. Buttercup nearly jumped out of her skin. It took her a moment to remind herself that she was just looking at a very old lady and not Death.

    "I would like some green tea please," the woman said loudly, assuming the old woman had bad hearing.

    The old woman nodded and turned to Buttercup. Her voice scratchy, she asked good-naturedly, "And what would you like, little boy?"

    "I'm a thirty year old woman." Buttercup growled, reddening. She told herself to keep cool. "I would like some Coke."

    "Coke?" The old woman looked confused. "What is… coke?"

    "Oh." Buttercup frowned. In all fairness, the old woman didn't look like she had been out much… or at all. "Don't have that, huh? Okay… I'll have some soda."

    The old woman blinked, not understanding what she was talking about.

    "A milkshake?"

    "A… milkshake?"

    "Orange juice? Water? Coffee? You gotta have some coffee."

    "Is that one of those hip tea brands you kids like?"

    The woman held up her hand before Buttercup could retort back. "She'll have some black tea."

    Satisfied, the old woman slowly walked away. Buttercup was not satisfied in the slightest, but she chose not to mention this. As soon as she left, the woman leaned forwards and smiled at Buttercup. "So… you used to be a Powerpuff Girl?"

    "Yeah," Buttercup nodded, "but not anymore. We split when we became teenagers."

    The woman tilted her head to one side. "Why?"

    "Just did." Buttercup shrugged. "We grew up and Pinkie got it into her head that Townsville didn't need us. She'd insist that she was too busy and that the Police could handle all the crime. Then, by the time I managed to persuade her to come with me and Bubbles, the offence had already ended. After a while, Bubbles began to not want to fight crime either. She wanted to become a vet or a doctor so she stayed at home, studying with Pinkie. Bubbles never got to be either of those things, 'cos all the work was too hard for her, so she started work at an animal shelter. Pinkie was a doctor for a bit, but then she became Mayor."

    She made no attempt to hide the venom in her voice.

    "And where did that leave you?"

    Buttercup sighed, gazing out of the window. "I hated high school. Pinkie made friends with all the nerds and Bubbles was friends with everyone. I didn't have no one. I was the sportiest girl at school but I kept fighting with my classmates. I never tried in class so everyone thought that I was thick. No one wanted to be friends with the thick kid. Not that I cared or nothing… it's just before that when we were crime fighters, we were really popular. I was really popular. People worshiped us when we were superheroes. Disbanding… it made me nothing."

    "Poor you!" The woman gasped. "So what do you do these days if you don't fight crime anymore?"

    "I own a gym."

    "No special someone?"

    Buttercup suddenly blushed.

    "Ooh." The woman grinned, the ends of her mouth nearly escaping from her face. "The toughest Powerpuff Girl… getting all worked up thinking about their boyfriend?"

    Buttercup shrugged her shoulders, grinning slightly.

    "Who is he then?"

    She shuffled in her seat, looking uncomfortable. "This… this is from me to a fan, 'kay? You have to promise that you won't tell anyone. I haven't told anyone about it yet."

    "I promise. So… who is he?"

    "… Ace."

    "I haven't heard of him," the woman leaned back in her chair, "but he sounds like a nice person."

    "He is, once you get to know him. He lives in Citysville with his gang, but he says he's gonna move back here soon." Buttercup smiled dreamily. "He gave up crime a few years back and we've been writing to one another for ages. As soon as I dump Mitch, I'm planning on making it official with him."

    "So you're going out with Mitch too? What about Ace? Does he know this?"

    The woman was incredibly nosy. Buttercup decided to change the subject so it was at her advantage. "Why don't you tell me about your life?"

    "Oh, but it's nowhere as interesting as yours," replied the woman hurriedly. "If you aren't Powerpuff Girls anymore, does that mean you don't see your family much?"

    "Nah. I see 'em at Christmas but last year didn't go so good." She clenched her fists. "I had a massive fight with Pinkie and Bubbles got all upset… I was so nervous I couldn't visit the Professor's house for weeks afterwards. I thought they hated me. Luckily, Brunnera came round to my place and told me that they weren't cross."

    "Excuse me," the woman stared at her, "but who is this… Brunnera you speak of?"

    "She's my kid sister, though she ain't really my sister." Buttercup shrugged her shoulders. "She's the daughter of the Professor and Mrs Utonium. Although we ain't sisters by blood, she may as well-"

    "I have to go." The woman suddenly stood up, pushing her chair over in her haste.

    "What? Now?" Not that Buttercup was complaining, but they had ordered drinks. If the woman left, then Buttercup would have to pay for them. She had been assured that she wouldn't have to.

    "I only just noticed the time. I have… I have a piano lesson in five minutes," explained the woman hastily, leaving the table and running straight into the old woman. There was an almighty crash as china shattered on the ground. The two women hit the ground.

    "Oh my…" the old woman murmured, sitting up and looking around. "What a mess."

    The woman stood up and made for the door, only to slip on a puddle of Buttercup's tea and hit the ground once more. Her sunglasses skidded across the floor in two pieces. The woman gasped, covering her eyes with her arm while using the other to feel the ground. Buttercup got off her seat and picked them up, pressing them into the woman's hands.

    "They broke," Buttercup told her, although it was plainly obvious. What was not obvious was the reason why she was covering her face like that. The only reason Buttercup could think of was if she was Cyclops, but the woman was clearly not a member of the X-Men. Or a man, for that matter.

    The woman jumped to her feet and shot out of the café, her eyes still covered. Buttercup was rooted to the spot for a moment, trying to figure out what had happened. She shook her head and went after her.

    "Hey lady, what's the big-?"

    She reached the door and opened it. The woman had already gone. Buttercup stuck out her head, looking both ways. It was like the woman had just vanished into thin air. She scratched her head, puzzled, before going back into the café and closing the door behind her.

    Everyone was staring at her. Buttercup snarled, causing them all to look away. The old woman got to her feet and handed her a piece of paper. She read it, furrowing her brow.

    "Your bill," the old woman said stiffly, dripping green tea onto the ground. "You noisy little lad."

    Buttercup widened her eyes, but not at the fact the old woman still didn't know she was a fully matured female. It was the bill. She didn't know tea was this expensive. Worst of all, she didn't even like tea. It was like paying someone to give you an overhead wedgie. She stared at the woman, holding onto the piece of paper so tightly that she was making holes in it. The old woman raised her eyebrows impatiently.

    Buttercup flew out of the building via the ceiling, leaving a green ribbon of light behind her. This soon disappeared, and the only trace of her ever existing was a hole in the ceiling and two broken cups.

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    "Buttercup!" I shouted over Bubbles' wailing. "Say sorry!"

    "Make me!" retorted Buttercup, crossing her arms. "You aren't the boss of me."

    Bubbles pushed past me and flew away, heading towards the monster. I don't think she knew where she was going; her sadness had blocked out all common sense. The monster turned its head in her direction, aiming its next attack at her.

    "Bubbles!" we shouted as the fire came out of its mouth. I zoomed forwards and-

    pulled her out of the way.

    "Guys, we have to stay focused," I declared, letting go of a very shocked Bubbles. I gazed at the two of them, crossing my arms. "All this shouting and arguing isn't helping anyone."

    Buttercup pointed at me, her face scrunched up. "You're the one that's not helping. Screw you, Blossom. I'm going to kill that monster."

    She flew towards it. Bubbles tried to call her back, but I touched her arm and shook my head. My blue eyed sister's eyes flickered and she looked down, sighing softly. We both knew that once Buttercup got an idea into her head, it was very hard to get it out.

    "RAAAAAARGH!" yelled Buttercup, holding out her fist. The monster jerked its head in her direction, its snout crinkling.

    Then, without any warning, it opened its mouth and ate her.

    "Buttercup!" screeched Bubbles, flying to the monster's belly. "Are you still alive?" She began to cry. "I'm sorry… you're right! I'm not helping."

    "Bubbles, if we defeat it quickly then we can save Buttercup before she's digested," I said, my heart thudding. I hoped that I was right. The monster's head, which had been aimed at Bubbles, flicked upwards so it was looking at me.

    "Wait…" I flew to the other side of the monster, a light bulb flashing above my head. "Bubbles! I think I know its weakness! It keeps looking towards where it can hear sound! I… I think it's blind."

    Bubbles blinked, flying over to me. "So it can't see?"


    "How will that help us though?" she asked sadly. "It can still hear us."

    "You fly over to its other ear silently and when I say go, we'll both scream as loudly as possible. Its hearing will be so sensitive that it will damage its ears; then we can attack it." I raised my voice. "Buttercup, if you can hear me, when I say 'go', ram your body against the monster's stomach lining as hard as you can."

    A small lump temporarily appeared in the monster's stomach, telling me that Buttercup was willing to comply. I smiled, glad that Buttercup was actually listening to me. I looked at Bubbles. "Ready?"

    She nodded and noiselessly went over to the monster's other ear. We crept towards it slowly, me arriving at the ear Bubbles wasn't located next to. The monster remained perfectly still, most likely wondering where we had gone. I looked at Bubbles, who nodded at me.


    We both shrieked into the monster's ears. It twitched, and roaring for all it was worth, the monster covered the sides of its head. Bubbles and I drew closer so that there was no way it could block us out.

    "Heat vision! Go!"

    Bubbles' eyes let out a strip of red light. I dropped down to the bottom of its stomach and zoomed up, finishing at its chin, where I punched it ferociously. I landed a few more blows on its face, before kicking off it and flipping in midair. I pushed my body forwards and rammed the monster's stomach with my head. It exploded, and monster guts rained down from the sky.

    I could see Buttercup hovering several feet away. She was covered in a thick lumpy yellow mixture. Buttercup shivered before using her heat vision to clear her eyes. I grinned, flying down to her.

    Bubbles got there before me and hugged Buttercup, not caring that she was filthy. "You're okay! Oh, I was so worried."

    "You would be," mumbled Buttercup, eyeing me warily. And for good reason too. There was a tickle in my throat that was desperate to get out.

    I put my hands on my hips. "Buttercup, yet again your anger led you to nearly killing yourself. Why can't you just listen to what I have to say? You would never have been eaten if you had just used your mind for-"

    "Blossom, Buttercup is all right and the monster's been destroyed," interrupted Bubbles, letting go of our sister. "We don't need to fight about what's already happened. Now, come on; who wants to be play Superheroes?"

    "Yeah!" Buttercup grinned. "Last one back has to be Big Billy!"

    I watched the pair of them fly home. I stayed where I was, floating above the monster covered city. A siren went off beneath me as I mumbled, "You're welcome."

    "Aw… he's so cute!" Bubbles Utonium giggled, hugging the creature so tightly its eyes nearly popped out of its sockets. "I can't imagine why he doesn't have a home yet."

    "Neither can I…" replied Robin, gazing at the foaming bulldog warily.

    Sometimes, Robin didn't understand the blonde woman. She had known her since they were young children, when she had moved next-door to the ex-superhero. Now, Bubbles had lost her childlike pigtails, having grown her hair until it reached her elbows and had done them up into two plaits. She was wearing a scruffy white t-shirt and a pair of jeans, because she often got dirty looking after the animals in the animal shelter. On the other hand, she had kept her brilliant blue eyes and her upbeat attitude and these were the things that Robin liked best about her.

    Still, she didn't understand how her friend could think that that dog was even remotely cute.

    "Hey, Bubbles, I'm heading home. Are you coming?" asked Robin, closing the rabbit pen and heading over to the sink to wash her hands.

    "I'll only be a minute," Bubbles answered, putting down the dog and leaving the pen. She locked it after herself and joined Robin by the sink. The pair washed their hands happily, before drying them on a towel and leaving the shelter for the night.

    When they were outside, they began to walk towards the bus stop. Bubbles shivered. It was the middle of summer, but it was unusually cold. She regretted leaving her jacket at home. Robin was perfectly content in her fluffy white cardigan, humming peacefully under the darkening sky. They reached their destination in a few minutes, the only two people there.

    "It's quite cold tonight," remarked Bubbles, blowing on her hands. She could see her breath and was reminded of her sister. Bubbles lowered her hands, averting her gaze.

    "Yeah… weird, isn't it?" said Robin, looking upwards. The intensity of her smile had lessened. "Who knew it could be so deathly cold in the summer?"

    Bubbles flinched at the word 'deathly', remembering what day it was today. Up until that moment, it had slipped her mind. She sniffed sadly, looking at the road and trying not to cry.

    "Bubbles?" Robin noticed her reaction and put a hand on her shoulder. "Did I say something wrong?"

    "No… I just remembered something." She looked at Robin out of the corner of her eyes. She was her closest friend, but there were certain things she had kept secret from her. Bubbles tried to think of a way of telling her friend her problem without telling it to her at the same time. She exhaled slowly before saying as casually as she could manage, "What do you think happens to someone when they die?"

    Robin blinked. She guessed that it was part of Bubbles' problem, but tactfully chose not to mention this. "Oh. Um… They go to Heaven if they've been good, and they go to Hell if they've been bad."

    "What if someone who didn't have a very long life dies? Where do they go?"

    "Man… Bubbles…" Robin scratched her head. "Did someone die? Oh, God…" She widened her eyes in fear. "Did one of your sisters die?"

    Bubbles shook her head slowly, as though she wasn't completely sure. "No… it was... a friend. Today's the anniversary of their death."

    "Oh…" Robin frowned at her sympathetically. "Well, I'm sure your friend has gone to Heaven. If they didn't have a very long life, then they can't have done enough bad things to not deserve a place there."

    Bubbles smiled at her miserably. "Really?"

    "Really," Robin told her, choosing to not tell her that she was actually an atheist. "Hey look, it's our bus!"

    Relieved, Bubbles reached into her jeans pocket to find the money for her fare. To her horror, she couldn't feel it. She stuck her hand deeper in, only to watch the tip of her hand poke out of her pocket via a money sized hole. Bubbles groaned, realizing what had happened.

    "Did you lose your money again?" Robin laughed. "No sweat, I'll pay for you and you can give me back the money tomorrow."

    Bubbles' face reddened. "No, thank you. I already owe you three dollars for lunch. I'll go home on foot. I could do with some nice warm tomato soup to warm me up. I only live fifteen minutes away from here."

    It was only a small lie, but she hated how easily it came out of her mouth. It would her take at least an hour to get home.

    Robin sighed. "Okay. At least you can fly home, right?"

    "Right…" replied Bubbles.

    Robin was about to question the uncertainty in her voice when the bus driver honked his horn impatiently. Robin went onto the bus and sat by the window, beaming at her friend. She waved. "See you tomorrow! Bye!"

    "Bye!" Bubbles responded, waving so hard she thought her arm would fall off. She kept moving her hand until the bus was out of sight, before dropping it to her side and sighing sadly.

    She would have to walk home in the cold. She was fully capable of flying, but Bubbles didn't like to do that anymore. It was silly and sounded completely daft in her mind and out loud, but flying reminded her of the past. It reminded her of what she and her sisters used to be, and how much it contrasted with what they were now. Bubbles breathed out, watching her white breath escape her mouth and disappear into thin air.

    If only everything could go away like that.

    With a small sob, she felt the door of her memories unlock, opening a chest containing the past that she had wanted to hide away and never think about again.


    "We could put some here," piped up Bubbles, flying over to the door that led into the hall, a piece of mistletoe in her hand. "Or… maybe here!" She zoomed over to the door that led into the kitchen. "Or maybe…"

    "Put it somewhere and sit down," snapped Buttercup, who was sitting on the sofa. She took her cigarette out of her mouth and stubbed it against an ashtray. "You're burning my eyes with all your flying around."

    "If I could fly, I would do it all the time," a dark haired fourteen year old girl in the corner commented. She was counting the presents that were around the small plastic tree carefully, making sure no one had forgotten to get her one.

    "You would until I shot you down, Brunnera." Buttercup smirked. She picked up the remote that was on the end table next to her and pointed it at the television, checking what time it was. "It's way past noon. Hey Professor, when are we gonna have something to eat?"

    "Soon," the Professor called from the kitchen, "when Blossom gets here."

    Buttercup scowled, placing the remote onto the end table with such force that it collapsed and was instead a pile of splinters. She coughed, looking the other way and crossing one leg over the other, pretending that she hadn't been the one who had just broken it. Brunnera giggled, tossing her head over her shoulder and looking at the mess.

    "It would be so cool if I could do that as well," she remarked.

    "You wouldn't be saying that when I grounded you," Mrs Utonium said, entering the room from the hall. She eyed the broken end table, the least bit surprised. "Buttercup, dear, I really wish you wouldn't do that."

    "You make it sound like I do it regularly."

    "That's the third one this month."

    Buttercup remained silent, tapping her hand against the armrest impatiently. Bubbles felt uncomfortable, having listened to what had been said, so she continued trying to find a suitable place to hang the mistletoe. Brunnera, however, was not so easily put off by the small argument.

    "She can't help it if she's annoyed that Blossom isn't here yet," she retorted, picking up one of the presents and shaking. She returned it hastily after her mother glared at her. "We all agreed to be here straight after lunch. It's nearly five and she's still not here."

    Buttercup frowned. "As usual."

    "As usual," agreed Brunnera automatically.

    Mrs Utonium shook her head fondly, finding herself unable to stay cross at them. There was something endearing about how much her daughter adored Buttercup. Her third word had been 'Butt-cup', after 'mine' and 'it'd-yet'. When she was eight, Brunnera had run away from home three times, but each time Buttercup had called her parents to say that Brunnera had come to visit her. She was a difficult child, getting into trouble at school and questioning the rules whenever they didn't suit her. Buttercup had been similar as a child, which would certainly explain why the pair got on so well.

    However, that wasn't the only reason why she couldn't stay cross at them. Mrs Utonium was a very caring and patient person, but even she couldn't help but feel a little bit annoyed at Blossom. It was like this practically every year; something held her up at work (even though it was Christmas) and caused her to be a few hours late. She didn't think Blossom should have been working at all, Mayor or not.

    It was irritating that Blossom was always late, and it was a bit unnerving when she did arrive. Mrs Utonium loved her like a real daughter. Blossom had been perfectly behaved for as long as she could remember and she felt no hate towards her. It was just… when she arrived, her and Buttercup were always at each other's throats.

    Mrs Utonium groaned, facing the door of the kitchen. "Would you like some help with the dinner, dear?"

    "No!" the Professor barked, before she could take even one step in his direction. He modified his tone so it wasn't as stressed out. "I'm fine. You cooked it last year. You just relax and-"

    The fire alarm went off. Mrs Utonium bit her lip, edging towards the closed door.

    "I can hear you moving, darling!" he shouted over the shrill ringing. "Sit down and watch a bit of TV. Everything is a-okay."

    As soon as he finished his sentence, there was a loud explosion. Smoke began to creep out from under the crack in the door.

    "… I'm okay!"

    Mrs Utonium shook her head affectionately and sat on the sofa next to Buttercup. They stayed there in silence, the only noises being the short, sharp blasts Bubbles made as she flew about, and the rustling Brunnera created as she held various presents against her ear, trying to guess what she was receiving that year. The family opened their gifts after they had dinner. Brunnera growled, wishing that Blossom would just arrive.

    After a while, the Professor stumbled out of the kitchen and crossed the room. He paused, grinning at them wildly. "I'm just going to have a little wash before Blossom arrives."

    The Professor departed from the room, still smoking. His family giggled at the man's blackened appearance. Bubbles sighed, grinning, returning to the ground with the mistletoe still in her hands. Brunnera's eyes glittered and she got to her feet, tiptoeing up to Bubbles, whispering in her ear. The blue eyed woman nodded, sharing the same glimmer in her eyes. Buttercup ignored them, changing the channel on the TV so that it was showing a soppy movie about reindeers. It wasn't her kind of film, but Mrs Utonium insisted that it was good so they watched it anyway.

    The Professor re-entered the room, infinitely cleaner than before. Mrs Utonium smiled at him, going over and standing in front of him. She pointed at the mistletoe hanging above them, raising her eyebrows. The Professor saw it and grinned, and the two kissed each other on the lips.

    When they broke apart, the Professor chuckled. "Come on, let's go watch some TV. I bet Blossom will be here any second now."

    They walked towards the sofa, purposing going past the window so that they could look out of it. They secretly hoped that they would see Blossom's limo drive down the street and stop outside their house.

    The street was lifeless. Everyone was inside their houses, celebrating the holiday with their families.

    "Mistletoe," Buttercup declared, pointing at the window.

    The Professor grinned, looking up and kissing his wife once more. They went away from the window and sat on the sofa. The movie was nearly over, but they had seen it so many times before that it didn't matter.

    "Mistletoe," repeated Buttercup, a mischievous expression on her face.

    "Bubbles, I only remember giving you one to put up." He looked up and nudged his wife. Mrs Utonium followed his gaze and laughed. Bubbles was flying directly above them, carrying Brunnera, who was holding out the mistletoe so it was between them. Upon being caught, they quickly landed on the ground and smiled innocently.

    "Oh, you!" Mrs Utonium spluttered, swatting their heads playfully. "I wondered why it seemed to be following us around like that."

    A sudden knock on the door distracted everyone. The Professor got up and went to answer it. Bubbles grinned, running after him. Buttercup's face remained calm. Brunnera looked away, gripping her knees tightly.

    This wasn't going to end well.

    "I apologize for being so late: I had a lot of paper work to do," explained a voice that made one of Buttercup's eyes twitch. "I'm really, really sorry."

    "It doesn't matter. As long as you're here, it's fine."

    The Professor and Bubbles entered the room with Blossom. She was still wearing her work clothes, having come there straight from the Town Hall. She put down a large bag, which was filled with presents.

    Buttercup pulled a face. Knowing Blossom, the presents had been wrapped in gold and sprinkled with jewels. She always brought what Buttercup hated to admit were nice presents. The latest cell phones, necklaces… things that Buttercup couldn't afford on her salary. It made her feel inferior in comparison. It made her presents look less impressive. It made it seem like Blossom was better than her.

    Brunnera couldn't help but grin and hug her pink eyed sister tightly. She knew that she had been mean about her earlier, but she was very excited to see her again. To be honest, Brunnera didn't really hate her. It was just a show so that Buttercup would be happy. Brunnera really didn't see what was so bad about Blossom. She was a bit distant, but she was kind and always brought good presents.

    "I missed you too," Blossom told her, hugging her back stiffly. She hadn't been hugged in a long time and the action was alien to her.

    Brunnera couldn't see Buttercup shooting daggers at the back of her head with her eyes. She gazed up at Blossom with a dazzling smile. "Of course I missed you… Can I open my presents now, Mom?"

    Mrs Utonium rolled her eyes as she greeted Blossom with a hug. "After we have our dinner."

    They quickly sat down to eat, chatting as they consumed their food. It was rather burnt and crispy, but the girls ate it without a word of complaint. They didn't ask for seconds, instead drinking as much wine and sparkling water as they could before they got a stomach ache. Brunnera had tried to pour herself some wine but Mrs Utonium had stopped her, telling her that she wasn't old enough. Brunnera had crossed her arms and muttered something about not wanting some anyway.

    As soon as the Professor said the word 'present', Brunnera shot out of her seat and went to the tree. She picked up the presents, throwing them behind her if they weren't addressed to her. Bubbles yelped, flying upwards and catching one of the presents. Another one sailed towards her, but before she could get to it another hand shot out and yanked it out of her reach.

    Buttercup smirked, showing her the present before going to catch the next one.

    Bubbles narrowed her eyes playfully. "It's on."

    The two women darted around the room, trying to catch more presents than their sister. Mrs Utonium and the Professor clapped, cheering them on. Blossom observed them distastefully, her hands on her hips.

    "They're not kids anymore," she muttered to herself.

    "Lighten up, it's only a bit of fun," the Professor told her warmly. Blossom ignored him.

    They soon landed, Buttercup looking very smug. "Thirteen. I win."

    "Yeah, only because you knocked some out of my hands," argued Bubbles.

    "That's loser talk."

    "No, it's not!"

    "I'm opening my presents now!" Brunnera ripped open a shiny green one, letting the material slide between her fingers. She giggled evilly, holding up a pair of boxing gloves. "Whoever got me these is awesome!"

    "That was me," Buttercup told her, feeling proud. "I knew you'd like them."

    "I do, ever so much. Now open mine," Brunnera demanded.

    Buttercup found Brunnera's present easily. It was obvious that she had taken the most time wrapping it, and she didn't doubt that she had taken the most time choosing it as well. She took off the wrapping paper and found a book. Not expecting anything interesting, Buttercup opened it.

    It wasn't just a book. It was a photo album full of photos of their family. She closed it, deciding to look through it later. To show Brunnera that she liked it, Buttercup ruffled her hair playfully.

    "How about you open mine next," Blossom said, emptying her sack of gifts carefully and giving one of the boxes to her kid sister. The others began opening their presents, starting with the ones from Blossom. Buttercup remained still, glaring at them.

    "Ooh…" Brunnera held up a sparkling necklace. Its silver chain was flawless, and the purple gemstone in it shone radiantly. She held it in front of her face, her mouth agape as she examined it. "Wow… it's so beautiful."

    It's totally better than the boxing gloves Buttercup bought me. Wow, she must have got them at a dump or something.

    "Blossom got you a present too, Buttercup," said Bubbles, pushing the present into her hands. Buttercup peered down at it, a sneer distorting her mouth. Feeling everyone's eyes on her, she forced herself to open it.

    It was a lot like Brunnera's present, except that the chain was gold and the gemstone was green. Admittedly it was very pretty, but she wasn't going to say this any time soon. Buttercup yawned, scrunching it up and stuffing it into her pocket.

    "Why don't you give Blossom her present?" Mrs Utonium piped up, before an awkward silence could fall on them.

    Buttercup frowned.

    "You did get her a present this year, didn't you?"

    Buttercup groaned and got out a small present, which was wrapped with yellowing newspaper. She threw it at Blossom's face, who caught it with her left hand. The pink eyed woman unwrapped it cautiously, unsure what she was going to uncover.

    "Oh…" Blossom held up a bottle of head lice lotion. "How… thoughtful of you."

    "Blossom has nits?" Bubbles squeaked, edging away from her. Brunnera snickered, covering her mouth with her hand. Buttercup was watching Blossom for a reaction and was clearly enjoying what she was seeing.

    Blossom reddened, holding it at an arm's length. "No, I don't. Buttercup, you're not meant to base your present on what you require."

    "I know, that's why I got you that," Buttercup retaliated.

    "We meet for the first time in a year and you get me this?" She shook the bottle furiously, barely stopping herself from stuffing it down her sister's throat. "What's the matter with you?"

    "Me? What the hell are you talking about? You're the one who has problems. You were the one who was six hours late. You think you can walk in here and we won't give a damn."

    "I apologized for being so late, even though it wasn't my fault. I didn't think, 'Hey, won't it be funny if I don't turn up on time?' In case you forgot, I have a very important job that requires me to work during the holidays. I can't help it if-"

    "You can help it. You think your job's more important than us."

    "When did I say that?"

    "You implied it."

    "You always try and make me sound like a cold heartless jerk."

    "Well, maybe if you quit being one then I couldn't make you sound like one."

    "Burn…" Brunnera remarked. Everyone ignored her.

    "Oh, so I'm the bad guy here? You're the one who got me… me… stupid head lice lotion from your medicine cabinet."

    "Stupid? That stings so much. What's the matter, don't want to taint your mouth with some naughty words?"

    "I don't need to because I don't have a limited vocabulary and therefore do not need to resort to swearing. I also don't fly around the house like a preschooler high on sugar. Do you know how stupid you looked? I can't believe I'm related to you."

    Bubbles flinched.

    "Shut up," said Buttercup, unable to come up with a better argument.

    "No, you shut up." She didn't think that a rational conversation was going to get through to her.

    "No, you shut up."

    "No, you shut up."

    "No, you shut up."

    "No, you-"

    The front door slammed, interrupting their conversation. Through the window they could see Bubbles running out of the house, crying into her coat's sleeve. Her presents were dumped on the ground, gazing up at them abandoned.

    Blossom looked guilty, but her face resumed being angry when Buttercup sneered, "This is all your fault. Why couldn't you just come on time like the rest of us? You think you're so special. You think you can ruin things like you always do. You're an excuse of a sister."

    "Buttercup!" Mrs Utonium gasped, shock and fury on her face. "Don't say such things about your sister." She turned towards Blossom. "Take no notice of what she said. She doesn't mean it. She's just angry."

    "Please don't try and sugar-coat the situation," Blossom retorted, trying to hide the wobble that was in her voice. "She is perfectly aware of what she said and I… I hate her! I hate you, Buttercup."

    She left the house with her presents, dropping Buttercup's in the trash can on her way out. Buttercup's face darkened and she started to move towards the door. "Yeah, well… I… I…"

    "Please, Buttercup." The Professor put a hand on her shoulder, his appeal nearly getting stuck in his throat. "Please…"

    Buttercup jerked her shoulder away, refusing to let tears prick the corners of her eyes. "Come back here! I ain't done with you, Pinkie!"

    She stopped in her tracks when she heard Brunnera's quiet voice.

    "Leave it, Buttercup. She's gone."


    Bubbles didn't know she was down the alleyway until she bumped into something. It was pitch black, so she couldn't see very well. She was about to use her night vision when a purple ball of fire appeared, making her forget about her powers temporarily. She transferred her gaze from the ball to the hand that it was floating above.

    "Who-?" she started, but a hand picked her up and lifted her off her feet. Bubbles kicked at whoever was holding her. Suddenly, a sharp pain ripped through her body. Bubbles gasped, drawing her legs to her throbbing chest. The water that escaped her eyes burned her cheeks and she emitted a series of short gasps.

    "Kick me again and I'll kick you back," her assailant hissed.

    Bubbles nodded dumbly, feebly raising her head so she could get a good look at the person… assuming it was a person.

    She could see a female face gazing at her, mostly obscured by a pair of sunglasses. An evil smile spread across the woman's face. "Hello."

    Bubbles didn't say hello back. Her throat was too dry. Whoever the attacker was, she was stronger than her… than a normal human… or any human for that matter.

    The person laughed, each note making the hairs on Bubbles' body stand to attention. "This is too easy. Now to take y-"

    "Hey," a voice from above shouted. "Get your dirty hands off her."
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    Wow, I can't believe how nostalgic I feel after reading these... XD

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    I hope you feel VERY nostalgic. >:]

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    Wow. I haven't even heard the words "Powerpuff Girls" in literally ten years. It does me good to imagine them as the anime-version characters, though. Especially when they start fighting (pretty consistently), the image of the American cartoon just doesn't seem to fit anymore.

    And having one of the sisters want to kill the others? Yes. That's much better than what I expected from a PPG fanfic. To be honest, though, this is the second fanfiction I've ever read. The first one sucked. This one is a TON better.

    Erm . . . I might have missed it, but who's the dead sister? The one who's taking revenge and stuff? My memory of PPG limits me to Bubbles, Buttercup, Blossom, their dad/Professor, and Mojojojo (on his first appearance in this story, I totally thought, "MISTER PILGRIM--It is I: Matthew Patelle." For no reason in particular), so I had no idea who the other people were.

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    The dead sister appears in one PPG episode. :P So you probably won't know her. And that's the problem with fanfiction... so many characters you might not know unless you watch the show/go to wikipedia.


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