Just a little poem I wrote for a Creative Writing class back when I was in high school, I'm curious as to what you guys will think.

A Dead Current

Dead bodies float through the river

of consciousness, between banks of

forgotten feelings and dead dreams.

Talent is fading, and what is art

is dead. There are no true windows

to the soul in this technological empire.

I wonder when the floodgates will open.

Driftwood of halfbaked ideas and

bits and bobs of shattered moralities

float twixt the brain dead cadavers of

broken idealists and censured creators.

Art for the money kills the creative

process; and destroys all hope of

producing anything decent.

I wonder when the floodgates will open.

In this society we live in,

one can hardly breathe

in this haze of consumer

halitosis, let alone thrive

and spit out anything

worth paying attention to.

I wonder if the floodgates will open?