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Thread: Erikar: VERSION 2.

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    NO critiques here! But this is really, really awesome! I love the ever so faint quote on Wendy's dress! I guess the one qualm I have is that the octopus is from Peter Pan 2, while Wendy is just from Peter Pan.
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    someone on redditgetsdrawn
    someone's kid on redditgetdrawn
    one of my closest friends idk
    this was also supposed to be a portrait of a close friend but I can't quite get it look like her :/

    I haven't slept in like 36 hours, I felt like drawing. It's been a while since I've done anything outside of class
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    I love you. You and your drawings. Damn.

    In which program have you been drawing?
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    Numz! I still use SAI, I still can't really get behind the PS platform. ) And Sai works for me

    I still need a lot of work on digital stuff, and proportions, and getting things to look as they should, and colour theory..

    and everything ;_; teach me how to draw plz.

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    Man, you look like you got a lot of flare in your techniques. You got a lot going for how you make things, and I would suggest that you stick to SAI as your main if you do learn photoshop, based on your style you'd get a lot more mileage out of it either way(Software gripes).

    There's a lot to learn about colour theory, hitting the books will get you somewhere with it, post any specific questions you'd have, it can get really subjective. Take a look into values, too.

    In photoshop, look into "How to create brushes", "Brush settings", and "Layer blending mode". Experiment with all three of these, that experience can open up a lot. I can only imagine the potential you have once you get those under your belt. This gon be like watching goku going from SSJ2 to 3.


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