HELLO EVERYONE!!!! Been here for a month or so, and this morning i woke up and said to myself "Must know more peapole". That was kinda hard beucouse i live in a tiny vilige where everyone knows everyone. Then i rememberd this little site(by the way Thanks to Rio-senpai-gal for making this site, finaly got a chance to say senpai)
So my name is Gedeon-yeah for real Gedeon( Try saying THAT fast, five times)
i'm rivals with Luka, one of my best bud's (he's also here)
I love japanese culture, altough i admit i don't know about it as much as i should.
Not an amaizing highschool student but i'm managing somehow.
Love everyone who isn't annoyed by me(Cuz' thats quite an achivment)
Love to draw but can't do jack about colouring and shading....T_T
Some say i can be realy goffy.
I dont hate anyone as long as i understand why, and even if i don't know why if i trust them then it's still ok! Sory for the long introductione!!!