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Thread: syart

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    thanks, JJ, i try B)

    more armor designs (lowered the resolution so it would fit better)

    according 2 several sources the one on the left is a shit design but has a good color scheme. thoughts?

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    Hum. I probally like the blue one the best overall. He's not just the most detailed, the actual high-tech asthetic works alot better because of the practical placement of the armour bits, too.

    The black/red guy on the far left... Feels like he needs large eye cameras on the side of his head, or horns, or anything just to make his head look less thin, really. Hell, a german helmet-type thing could work. But I wouldn't have said it was that bad of a design anyway. Plain looking, but not, like, horrible.

    Keep up the good work Syhuman.

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    Blue is my favorite too. I like the design and the color scheme on the green one, but not together. Like, the design feels like it would work better with a different color scheme, and the color scheme seems like it would work better with a different suit of armor, but together they just don't do it for me.

    But that's more subjective, I think. It's not like it's poorly drawn or anything.

    Cullenart is bestart.

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    Fuckin' rad. Far right reminds of a dark(er?) futuristic Slade.

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    o curren san ur arts r da besto artso in da worldo i luv u plz bear my chillens and eet skrimps w/ me 5ever

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    Oh gosh, so cool!!!! The blue one's my personal favorite
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    I like the one on the left the most, who says its a shit design??


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