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Thread: Hey there.

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    Hey there.

    My name is... well my screen name is Maxx Wellington.

    I love art. I love to draw and try to do so better than before.

    I dislike people who are arrogent, snooty or other such pests.

    i think that's about it


    I do have a pic up for a look, so please help me fix it

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    Outside your house.
    Well, that was a short intro . Anyway, welcome to MT. I hope you improve your art critically during your time here, and that you keep advancing in numerous art styles.

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    Hey Maxx! Welcome to the site. I'll take a look at your artwork if I get the chance. Where did you post it? The Gallery or the Critique Corner here in the forum?

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    Hey Maxx_Willinton =)

    I wish I knew how to write poems =S .. I would write one about you and Alexander Hamilton (Yeah, we have Alexander Hamilton here in MT ^_^)

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    Hey M3S1H, Rio and Yara.

    Thanks for all your replies

    @M3S1H: I suck at intros

    @Rio: It's in Critique corner called " How's my personlified chibi" Although I want to change it and add my name

    @Yara: The trick to writing poems is timing and rhyming. you got to follow a beat and find a rhyming word. Find out what you want to say, break it up into small groups, if it's a story, then use a rhyming dictionary for help to find the right word

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    welcome Maxx i hope you enjoyed posting here

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    Thanks a lot Maxx ^_^
    That will help! See you around the forum =)

    EDIT: and welcome to you too Elizebth ^^
    Last edited by Yara; 02-02-2011 at 09:00 AM. Reason: I've just seen Elizebth post >< I need to slow down when I go through posts =$

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    Thank you Elisabeth, I hope you enjoy it too.

    @Yara: You're welcome ^^ being nice is fun!


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